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Discussion in 'Skin' started by jo-anne, May 12, 2008.

  1. Melanotan
    Although usage of the melanotan peptides is reported to darken hair color of red-heads and gingers (not pure-blondes however) and in canines, it has not been reported to change eye color. What has been reported with respect to eye color however is that newly darkened skin makes eye color and the whites of the eyes appear brighter due to the new difference in contrast between the unchanging eyes and the skin's new, darker pigmentation.

    -Scott Stevenson
    Melanotan.org - afamelanotide Founder & Admin
  2. LinsEte
    Hi everyone!

    I'm new to this site, came across it when I was searching online for info about tanning injections. I'm on M2, I'm at day 10 though only took 6 jabs in this time as I was advised. Been on sunbeds twice, 3 mins each time. Had nausea, flushing etc first day but nothing since.
    :) Happy with results so far! I'm a skin type 1 so bit dubious but upto now I have a light tanned colour and getting more daily. Due my maintenance jab 2moz & another 3 min sunbed session, can't wait to see the results!
    My question is how are all you doing on this injection? When should I expect to get darker or see full effects?
  3. Beauty~licious
    Hi, a friend of my husbands used these injections and within a couple of weeks, his body was covered in dark brown moles which havent gone away, only faded slightly and he can no longer go in the sun, as advised by doctors. So i would be very careful about using these products x
  4. Mummsy
    Hi peeps i'm new to this site so bear with me!!!!!:lol:
    I've been on the injections for 14 days now and had NO side effects whatsoever!!! My concern now is that my face and torso have gone a lovely colour but my arms and legs havnt:sad: ive been in touch with a couple of sites on the internet that sell the stuff and they firstly said keep taking the injections as the legs and arms can take longer to catch up!!!! but i dont want to take them any longer as i dont want my face to go any darker!!! they then suggested i use an accelerant on the sunbeds and cover my face but i do this anyway!!!
    has anyone else had this problem or am i just an anomoly!!!!!!!!!:eek:
  5. SusanneLowe
    The products are illegal, from what I understand. They were talking about it on This Morning and anyone selling this is in trouble. There are also serious health implication with this product. I wouldn't risk it for tan. x
  6. annie:)
    My brother in law used them and they stained all his organs n he ended up seriously ill but didnt even hit him until 3 months after using them!!xx

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  7. babyelephant29
    ive been on the injections for about 5 weeks now and I love them.
    Im a natural redhead and i do tan but it would take me months of using sunbeds to achieve a decent colour.
    Ive gone a lovely colour and have only had mild side effects for the first few days (increased libido, loss of appetite)
    I have not had any problems with my lips turning a funny colour, but i have not put my face under a sunbed.
    My legs have not gone quite as brown but thats because we have a substantially lower amount of melanin in the lower half of our bodies to begin with, so they will take a little longer to tan.
    Alot of people mention about getting new moles, cant say its a side effect that i have encountered myself, although i suppose we are all different.
    I was quite concerned about the freckles on my face coming out as i dont have hardly any and thats the way i wanted it to stay!.... thankfully this has not happened and my face is just a nice colour.
    I would not recomend putting your face under the sunbed during the loading phase as the face tans quicker than anywhere else and this is when your lips can turn a funny colour!

    claire xx
  8. Belly
    Hi claire - good to hear youre having a good reaction to the injections! Are you using Melanotan II?
    Ive just started using this myself and im on loading day 5... Noticed my moles are a little draker, but no side effects i can really notice. Not used the sunbed yet but plan to on my lunch today! (think i will avoid the face)
    How long do you go under for?

    Feel a bit nervous that im doing it really, as i dont know of anyone thats done it.
  9. babyelephant29
    Ive been doing 5 mins on the sunbed.......... usually if i do 5 i burn....... but not since ive been using the injections!..... ive had about 8 sunbeds in 5 weeks and my colour is lovely and not at all un-natural.
    I dont have many moles........ i have one on my arm that has gone a bit darker but nothing major.
    Im still doing my loading phase as im very pale and has taken me a bit longer to tan........... depending on how well you tan will depend on how long you have to 'load' for.

    claire xx
  10. babyelephant29
    sorry, yes i am using melanotan 2!.......... xx
  11. Melanotan
    I believe you are a bit confused as you are describing perfectly the effects of canthaxanthin pills.

    From the following About.com article:

    The melanotan peptides have never been available in pill form (up to this point) and they do not change the color of internal organs. They work on cells that have melanocortin receptors, for example, melanocytes, the pigment producing cells of our skin.

    -Scott Stevenson
    Melanotan.org Founder & Admin
  12. scottishjoy
    I've gotta be honest..I just find this ridiculous. Come on guys, yeah having a tans lovely but injecting yourself? Seriously? Some people have no choice but to inject themselves daily to keep themselves alive and people are just doing it cos they want a tan?!?

    With everything we already know about sunbeds and the risks why would anyone think injecting something that turned dogs black (?!?!?!) Is a sensible idea?. I'm all for looking your best but in a safe way.
  13. Serenity Beauty
    Scottish joy, well said! This stuff is ridiculous! Everywhere I turn I'm hearing horror stories about things like this, silicon bum implants, slimming pills, non licenced or not correctly tested treatments! I have to inject myself every 2 weeks for my health and cannot see why anyone would do this for vanity and such a taboo product! Surely u people are not that desperate for a constant tan? Why don u just slap on the fake tan? Or is it just laziness?
  14. vixxxen88
    a friend of mine is using this injection and she said her results are fantastic and that i should give it a go , im generally fair skinned , but i am on the birth control pill and wondered if these injections would have any side effects on it ? I tried searching around but cannot seem to find anything ! Are any of you girls on the birth control pill and taking the tanning injections ? My main concern is that it could affect it in such a way where it could stop the pill from working! please help !! :)
  15. Delybaby
    I'm on my second week of these and find them amazing i'v done 2 sunbeds and im brown whereas last year witout the injections i done around 12 and got no colour love them x
  16. ellie82
    Absolute madness! I can't see why someone would want a tan that much. I am very fair skinned and won't even use sunbeds for a tan, it's fake tan all the way for me. Even if it turned out that these injections are safe the sun damage off the sunbeds will make you age dramatically! :-/
  17. BotoxBoy
    I'm shocked at some of the people on here using these 'drugs' to inject themselves!

    Firstly, it is illegal to sell them as a 'medicine' so that's why most of them say 'not for human consumption'. If they were safe and genuine why would they say that?

    Secondly, these are 'trial' drugs which haven't gone through the full safety checks that normal drugs have to go through before they can be prescribed or sold to the public!

    Thirdly, because most of them are illegal or unregulated, there is absolutely no guarantee that the substance you are injecting is actually what it says it is on the vial. It could literally be anything.

    Also, there is also no guarantee that it has been made in a safe and sterile environment, meaning you could be injecting bacteria under the skin leading to serious infection.

    Not only this, but if you an untrained member of the public then how do you know you are even injecting into the subcutaneous layer of the skin? There is potential for it to go into a vein, a muscle or even a nerve body depending on the site you have chosen. This again could lead to all sorts of serious complications.

    A friend of mine recently tried these injections and they made her vomit. Now surely this is a simple sign that something isn't right! And all this for the sake of a tan? You must be mad!

    I suspect in years to come, when these drugs have been properly researched, it may be revealed there are even more side effects that we don't yet know about.

    Until then, stay away!!! Fake tan is far safer!

  18. dandelionpoppy
    Please don't risk your health for the sake of a tan, whether it's with injections or sun beds. The latter cause cancer - albeit not in everybody but you can't predict in whom - and who knows what risks are in the injections.
    It's human to want to look good and to look for a quick fix but please think again.
  19. clare175
    I'm writing a feature for a glossy women's weekly magazine on tanning and we'd like to include a case study of someone who uses Melanotan and is willing to talk about it (and be pictured). You will be paid a fee for taking past.

    If interested please email clare.freelance@gmail.com and I can give you more info.


  20. JosephineAbercr
    I have been looking into Melanotan 2 for 2 years. I have type 1 skin which is very pale and freckly and I never tan. I simply burn and return to pale skin. 3 weeks yesterday I started on my melanotan course. I noticed within the first week a change in my colour, by about the 10th day, someone asked me if I had been away. I have never been so happy with a product. I haven't experienced any nausea, but I have exploded out in freckles; really big dark ones; which I don't mind anyway. Right now, I have a lovely tan right now which is an absolute miracle.

    I am a very satisfied customer and would recommend this to anyone :lol::Love:

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