*** The official secret santa has been ***


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May 22, 2005
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I would like to say a hugh thanks to my secret santa..

I got home from work and there it was.. sitting on my mat.


are we aloud to say who they are or have we got to wait:rolleyes::rolleyes:

Well she knows who she is and THANK YOU XXXXXX:hug:

Am I the first to get theirs
Wow !!! you must have had a local... SS...:rolleyes:....

I just got mine all together :green:

I 'm sending mine out today.....to make sure it gets there in time .......
I have been given the all clear to announce my secret santa...


My gift was lovely.... a dangley key ring.. with lilac tear drop beads and all sparkley with a made with love sign..

Thanks hun:hug::hug:
Going shopping for my ss gift this weekend then it will be flying its way over to some lucky geek :hug:
I bought mine today... OMG I went mad in the shops... :) Can't get it out before Monday and I am sure it will take some days fro Norway to UK.
So at least one geek has to wait some more days...:)

Holy cow :eek:



I better get my backside to the shops... been running like a crazy chicken.
Will do my shopping on sunday when I have 2 seconds to breathe and then post on monday...... (and have more than one to post arrgghhhh going broke on shipping LOL):lol:
ooooh, how exciting!!!

I sent my ss pressie off yesterday, I just couldn't wait any longer I was so excited.

Plus, when you read about other people revealing who their ss is, you can't help but feel excited just incase its you!!!
It gives you a good feeling doesnt it?:)

Im posting mine on monday....it may go long distance,but then again it may not.....:green:

Wherever it goes the geek will love it i am sure:hug:
ooooh! I cant wait to send mine out! :green::green::green: I may post it tomorrow, but if not monday!

Luckily, I think my geek has given a really good description of what she likes! Yay!

Well sent mine out today ....forgot to take a picture :irked:of what I made them as I was really proud of it ...also can't remember if I revealed my "geek" name in it :irked::irked:....think I did ......tried to do the cheap-o kind of post though .....but they said it would not arrive by Christmas....:mad:...so I had to do air mail which was twice as much !! :rolleyes:.....

It cost me more to post than what I spent ! LOL....good thing it was "all in spirit !" :green:.......

I had SO MUCH FUN ...shopping and making my gift for my SS......I know I'm also going to enjoy hearing / reading about what everyone received ......

This has made me go shopping for the rest of my family early so I can get there's in the post as well ! .....
My SS is in the UK which has kept my poastage costs down and upped how much to spend on them :D

I must post this on monday, mean't to do it today but run out of time. Limited opening hours at my post office.
My post is just to say thank you to Noodle, my gift arrived today and it's great... recycled pens and pencils (hooray I can NEVER find one when I need one) fairtrade choccie (yum!) and a pretty little recycled glass candle holder. Perfect, thank you xx
Wow, I've just got the best card and presents from Nicky's nails.:green:
It cheered me up no end, was just having a doze whilst feeling really tired and nauseous when the postie knocks.

Now Nicky has been a rather clever and slightly cheeky girl with her card.:lol:
My wish list was Jake Gyllenhall in a stocking, failing that anything chocolaty or trufflely.
She has sent me Jake Gyllenhall (and a particularly nice photo it is too:twisted::Love:) in a stocking on my personalised hand made card. Only problem is hubby will be very jealous. I'll have to stash him in my bedside draw and take surreptitious gazes as often as possible.:lol:
As for the chocolaty stuff, Nicky you've surpassed yourself. The smellies are amazing and what can I say, I love truffles. Thank you so much.xxxx
So when we wrap the prezy up we put who it is from? then when we recieve ours we post here to say thanks have i got it right? my first ss xx
So when we wrap the prezy up we put who it is from? then when we recieve ours we post here to say thanks have i got it right? my first ss xx

Yep that's right hun, make sure you give them your username as well as real just in case.
I'm the worst :o
I will sit down TOMORROW and GET THIS DONE!!!!! (and I have ummmm 5 to send out? EEKS:eek:)

Finally puter is up and running. Have to take car to get winter tires today and yes, snow is already on the ground:irked: so that's going to be a careful drive. Taking girls to see their doctor for yearly checkup, clients squeezed in here and there (come on "new method", save my butt!!:lol:)
If I ran down the list of my day, I think I'd have a coronary looking at it:lol:

I look forward to reading more posts about Santa's deliveries:!:
They cheer me every time and put me in the spirit:green:
I'm going shopping for mine this weekend as my Geek is UK based so not having to worry about the international side for longer delivery times. When I get mine I'm not opening it until Christmas day (boring I know but I'm a big kid at Christmas!!) but I'll post to say it came anyway :lol:

the person you send your ss present too, are they then your ss?

the person you send your ss present too, are they then your ss?

I don't think so, because then you'd know who it was as soon as you got your 'assignment' so it wouldn't be very secret.

I think everyone has someone different
It's all random assignments, not "match-ups"
Everyone's names were mixed up.
So, who you send to is "usually" not who is sending to you.
I think I've seen it happen only once and it was quite by accident.


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