What is the ideal car for a mobile beauty therapist/nail tech


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Mar 15, 2008
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Hi Everyone,

At the moment I have a peugeot 206 cc and it is def too small now that I am mobile!!

So I am going to sell it and get a new one ... what is the ideal car with a big enough boot to fit everything in!! xxx
My Ford Focus estate has a decent boot size... I gave a lift to a local nail tech in it back in January who needed transport to get to us, and she managed to fit all her kit in just fine. You can fold the back seats down too if you wanted to fit a couch or whatever in it...
i have a deisal citreon c4.. same size as a focus.. cheap as hell to run. hardly any tax. ect..
my friend has an astra she fits everything in hers too x
I have a fiesta van, 1.4 diesel £35 a year tax. I can fit hair trolleys in (the right way up) and all of my kit with room to spare.:lol:
I have a tigra
boot space is great for such a small car, i love it, its like a mini mobile salon
I have a pink tigra (old style) , its perfect for carrying everything as the back seats go flat and there is tons of room!
I have a 206cc as well, I manage to get everything in mine:) I get my pedicure stool,my trolley,big carry box,foot spa,and my pedicure bucket too, I love mine to bits:) couldnt sell her:cry::cry:
OMG I have a 206 cc too! I could never sell mine either, but I too can get everything I need in, the boot has loads of space without the roof down :lol:
I've got a 207cc and the boot space is brilliant, but obviously better with the roof up. Seems to be a bit of a Peugeot CC craze going on here ;)
I wanted a 206cc but other half had one ages ago and keeps moaning not enough room. Well you can make room. We have just got a 307cc and should come in the next two weeks and his already moaning saying I won;t beable to get my couch in it. I have a 107 and the couch goes on the back seat,,,, it must be the smallest car and I can get everything I need in it.

You really don't need a big car and you have back seats for things. If I haad a 206cc I really wouldn't sell it.
we have a 308 and 2 car seats in the back with the boot full of stuff too and i manage to get tanning stuff (tent and bag) aswell as therapy bed, stool and lash box aswell as a folder with consultation paper work in on the back seat. x

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