would like feedback on my prices plz x


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Oct 8, 2005
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nelson, lancashire
hiya everyone would be gratefull on some quick feedback on my prices, thanks very much.

express mani - 10
deluxe mani - 13
express pedi - 12
deluxe pedi - 15
file and polish - 6


acrylic - 23
gel - 23
natural nail overlay 18
acrylic/gel infills - 17
hollywood gel toes - 15

full leg - 15
half leg- 10
forearm - 7
bikini line - 6
underarm - 6
eyebrows - 5
lip - 4
chin -4
lip and chin - 6

lash tint -6
brown tint -5
lash perm - 10

full body massage - 20
back neck and shoulder massage - 15
hopi ear candles - 15
facial - 15

couldnt find the pound sign on my keyboard haha soz

I think that with over 2 years experience your prices are too low.
HI Tiara

What's the time difference between your express mani and your deluxe mani? My prices are similar to yours, but I charge £10 for an express (which lasts 30 minutes), and £20 for a deluxe (which lasts 60 minutes and includes a paraffin dip). Twice a long, twice the price. Same thing with my pedis. Lots of my clients mix and match - they'll take an express mani and a deluxe pedi, etc.

The rest of your prices are really similar to mine! I've actually been told by some of my enhancements clients that I should charge a bit more, so I think I'll up the prices a few more pounds per treatment for that as I'm using better products now.

Are you mobile, or salon based?

Good luck!
Your enhancement prices are way too low.
I charge 25 for Hopi ear candling so you could get away with raising that one.
you could charge more for the deluxe Mani and pedi.
Waxing prices seem about right, cant help with massage as i don't offer that, and your lash tint seems a bit cheap, i charge 9
yes i understand they are probably low but you can only charge so much for the area you live in, people will only pay so much and im affraid in my area no one will pay high prices for things. im mobile based and hopefull will have a second bedroom converted into a beauty room at my new home.
im wanting to print some new pricelist off and im just so confused now thinking am i too cheap, should i go higher. argh!
thanks for the feedback
You must decide how long each treatment takes, add the cost of products and charge accordingly.
How much do you want to earn per hour?

If you're offering a quality service in the comfort of the client's own home then you should charge for it IMO and clients who want that individual service should be willing to pay for it.
I know what you are saying but if i was joe blog public i would look at your prices and think that you must not very good if you are so cheap, but i would look at an expensive price list and think that person would be great at providing the service they are advertising,
and i am sure you are very good, so get them prices up hun and attract a different type of client
thanks for all the feedback ladies.

im going to make some changes, prices still may be a little low but people will only pay so much in nelson (lancs) for things.

i was thinking:-
basic mani - 11
deluxe mani - 14
basic pedi - 13
deluxe pedi - 16

keeping gel/acrylic enhancements the same for the time being
natural nail overlay - 20
infills - 18
hollywood toes - 18

be brave !!
put your prices up!!
ppl only pay what they wil pay everywhere!!

if you put your prices up, ppl will think you are good, and if you are good( no disrespect)
you will make a lot of money

then everyone else will follow suit!!

ages ago , i was the most expensive in my town by about £ 10.00
now ive noticed a couple of places are trying it out!!
i havent put my prices up yet, as im getting feedback off the other salons( in my favour its not the best ) but if they can charge a high price for average
then i can defo charge a higher price for good!!

will ppl pay the extra?? dunno, only one way to find out, and either way , ill still be making the same amount if some leave me!!

best of luck with yours xxx
hiya everyone would be gratefull on some quick feedback on my prices, thanks very much.

express mani - 10
deluxe mani - 13 I would say this is to low hunny,for the amount of work you will be doing
express pedi - 12
deluxe pedi - 15, again, I think this is too low babe ,all that work your gunna be doing,
file and polish - 6, I asked for recomendations on this price a little while ago, I was charging 4 pounds, I have now raised it to 8 pounds,
as i remove cuticle, scrubfresh etc..then enamel of choice,

For polish without any real prep work, I would charge 4 pounds, but would warn in advance, they wont have the same lasting effect as the 8 pound option...(this applies for budget one nighters, and more loyal clients who appreciate the work and want the long lasting effect )


acrylic - 23.... Go on be brave....if you have to keep it low, at least raise it, to 25 pounds....or 24.95, make it sound cheaper lol
gel - 23...same as above babe
natural nail overlay 18...goo onnn make it 20 :lol:
acrylic/gel infills - 17..mine is the same as this
hollywood gel toes - 15 ...right mussies...There is a tech in your area, charging 8 pounds per BIG TOENAIL enhancement ..these 2 toenails alone..total more than your whole set ..so shove em' up :lol:

couldnt find the pound sign on my keyboard haha soz
and I second you on this, because mine has gone missing too hahahah


Now obviously you dont have to listen to a bloomin word I have said, but some of it, is what was passed on to me and some i have just picked up along the way.
I have worked reeeaallly hard on my pricing structure, to make sure it was all how i wanted it,
If you would like help, on coming up with a good solid structure, so your prices bounce of each other, and you are working for roughly the same amount per hour / 15 minutes etc...

Give me a shout hun, I have all my noted here in a blooming big file,
I'll be glad to help you work it out your way, so you know where you are,

Obviously this will only re; to the nail side xxxxxx
Hi guys,

I am only recently "qualified" which I know doesnt mean I am suddenly a really good tech! I know practice makes perfect!

I only do gel and i am charging

tip & overlay £20
overlay £15
infill/backfill £15

sparitual pedicure £18.50
hollywood toes £15

What do you guys think???

PS: I am doing it mobile evenings and weekends to start off as i have a full time office job :-(
When I lived in Dorset I charged that much for infills. However I put my full sets up to £30 when I qualified (with Creative though). It always took me a lot longer to do a full set than infills - you need to think about how much time you're spending. IMO, something that takes you an extra hour to do should cost a bit more than an extra £5 or so.

Hope this helps.

Hi, well done for going mobile and good luck, just a thought for your gel & acrylic at £23, is that £23 for white tip clear overlay or that for p&w and sculpted nails, that is low imo ,I have been doing my price lists and have a different price for all 3 the more work the higher the price. GOOD LUCK :hug:
chuffed to bits with all the feedback off everyone thanks guys. i would love to put the prices up to what some of you are saying but im just scared that i wouldnt get any custom as people are tight with there cash in my area haha.
i work part time on the checkouts at spazda's (asda) but ive been doing my beauty for a long time and it is a big passion of mine so want to make more of a full time thing out of it, see how much custom im getting if im busy sort all taxes out etc then eventually just do mobile beauty full time.
i dont use the best products in the world but they are far from the worst,
use nsi for enhancements
get fresh for pedicures
natures way for manicure

you all still thing the prics could go up with the products im using?
thanks x
one word hun ....YES !!! :lol:

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