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The Geek

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Jan 9, 2003
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Leeds, UK
Boy, you guys really talked my ear off about this one and really left me no other choice than to move the Shout Box and install a new Chat Server.

For those that have missed it, the Shout Box is now located on the home page and you can access the Chat Rooms via the navigation menu or from the bottom of the Forums page (which also shows you who is logged on).

The new Chat Room is really 4 rooms:
  • Café Geek - Off topic banter and the general 'lounge'
  • Hair Geek - To discuss Hair stuff
  • Nail Geek - Nail discussions
  • Skin Geek - Skin pro talk
The reason I divided the rooms as such was to make a better attempt to keep things more organised. I assume Café Geek is where most will hang out, however when issues and such creep up (i.e. Nail questions and such), lets try to keep them in the 'on topic' rooms. This makes it easier to follow the threads and less annoying for those wanting to discuss something serious.

Anyhoo.... nJoy.

There is more to come :D
Ooh Sam it must be Christmas! You're gonna have to change your name to The Santa Geek! Just the pager to go and we'll all be happy bunnies! :green::hug:

PS thank you xxx

thank you ...thank you xxx
It's wicked, thanks Sam!
How cool is that Well done Sam heve really missed the chat room. Thanks x
the chat room is wicked ....everyone will be in there...its sooo funny cos people dont know who is talking to who!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....thank you thank you thank you xxxx
Thank you Santa Sam.
Pretty Cool Room I have to say........ I like the choice of rooms to, nice one Samuel xxxx
OKay am I the only one old enough to remember that awful daytime prog called Houseparty? Cos every time someone enters the chat room and the doorbell goes it reminds me of Houseparty!!!
It's absolutely mad in there .... I can't keep up with the typing or the different conversations flying around the place!

Good to have chat room back though Sam .... thank you oh great one.
Its well cool !!!...Massive thanks...i think a few drunken nights in there are going to a right laugh...:lol:
YAYAYA thanks Sam we will have xmas drunken nights on there lol

what else can I say!
You think thats talking your ear off....I've just realised I've been on geek for 2 years ....and just doubled my shouts in 24 hours! What have you done to me! Oh and my hubby thinks I must have a fancy man!

V fab tho :hug:
yay... the chatroom looks fab :) i have missed it :) and having shouts on the homepage is great too :)

I remember Houseparty Sass...and it is really sad of me to admit it...:rolleyes:

I went into the room with my sound turned off...:lol:

I can't believe I have another addiction to add to my bow...cool room though...got a lovely beach scene 'wallpaper'....

been in for about 10 minutes...and I understood sweet FA... but it is too cool for school...

Will see you all in there for some 'Yak' xxxx
Love the chatroom even if I was lost and kept getting booted :lol: Now if I had my pager back lidfe would be peachy. Except for the weird backgrounds, some of those are a bit trippy................
ooooooo I love it ...now we can all get to know each other even better yayyy..
Even though I do keep getting told off by it for talking too fast :irked: lol :green:
MMM Sass...wss that a Gloria Hunniford show???

Loving shoutbox being back on the homepage......I never used the chatrooms much, as I just can't type fast enough, but I think seperate topic rooms is genius!! Maybe I will have a lurk sometime!.

Cheers GMG!!

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