Bladder op - getting sorted


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Feb 29, 2004
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as few of you know about the bladder probs ive had (pain when passing urine) since i had my bladder repair 3 years ago.
well.........i went into hospital yesterday (diff hosy and surgeon) and he found that the repair job, (tape they use) has calcified into my bladder, and he wants it sorting URGENT. i had a call this morning from the hospital, i have to go back to the hospital this week for a pre - op assessement, so i may be back in hospital within the next few weeks to have this mess taken out. but will mean the i become one of the "tena lady" squad again.:cry:. but think id rather that than this p[ain.

when i was getting discharged yesterday, the head nurse was reading notes etc, then said "get yourself a good solicitor".

ive never heard nursing staff say that before, so once im sorted i think im am gonna find a solicitor, and see where i stand and IF i have a good case.

will keep you updated



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Im so glad this is finaly getting sorted for you mate.. I cant believe what i saw!! terrible stuff.. i hope you sue the buggers! you have every right to!
oh you poor thing, will you have to go in before christmas ?:hug:
well i thought i had problems!! seriously hun...i hope you feel better and if you do decide to get solictiors.....i hope you win and treat yourself with the deserve it :hug:xxxx
Sounds like this surgeon knows his stuff hun,
hopefully he will have you in and sorted out so you are pain free to enjoy Christmas, we will all have our fingers crossed for you.
Too right get a good solicitor and sue the bodge it and scarper surgeon to hell and back
:hug: :hug: here's some hugs for you hun, get well soon.

Why is it all the bad stuff always happens to the nice people in this world ???
You poor thing :hug:

Hope you get sorted, and fast. Take action against them as well, and good luck with it all xxx
glynis, i'm glad your getting somewhere to getting this sorted xx seems like they want to work fast, so better to get it over and done with xx hope its all ok xx
I hope it all gets sorted out and your feeling better soon. The doctors and nurses normally stick together so if the nurse said that I would definately get a lawyer. Our lives in their hands eh !!!!
Good luck with the op G....sounds awful but at least you will be sorted out...and RICH too!!
Get the compensation claim in now mate xxx

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