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May 14, 2005
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North West
Can we all wish vicki and Chris a MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS as they got married yesterday and the wedding was straight from a fairy tale book.

Vicki you looked every bit the princess and your dress was out of this world,
as for the way you and becki had decorated the hall i have never seen so much attention to detail,,,it was beautiful plus i won £1 on the scratch cards you gave all your guests lol.

i think ill hire you and becki as my wedding planners as the day was smashing and just what i need to take my mind of you know what.

I am positive i backed a winning horse the day i talked you in to meeting chris again as he is a 100% in love with you.

All my best wishes and kisses to you both

Lisa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
aww hun i didnt know it was vickis wedding , i would have sent her a mesage ,
congrats hun , sounds like you had a fab day xxxx
congrats to the newly weds.....all the best for your future together xxxx:hug:
:lol: congrats on your wedding all the best for the future :hug:
Congratulations and best wishes for every happiness xxx:hug:
Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness.

Congratulations Vicki and we want to see the pics when you coem out of your wedding daze lol x
Either you kept that one quiet or I'm not geeking half as much as I should be:eek:
Congrats to Vicki and Chris, sounds like you had a wicked day now if we could just see some photo's................................:lol:
congrats vicki - wishing you all the best xx
Here Comes the Bride .... da da dada. Aaw I love weddings. Congratulations and hope it was a lovely day for you both. Please post some pics as soon as you can. Best wishes :hug: xx
Congrats Vicki :hug:
Congratulations and wishing you both many happy years ahead. :hug:
Aw congratulations to

& we want pics
Huge congratulations to you both :hug: xx
congratulations to you both, im sure you will have a wonderfull life together:hug:
Congratulations - you kept that one quiet! Come on - we wont those piccies. x x x
Congratulations to you both I wish you a wonderful future together:hug:
Congratulations,wishing you a long,happy healthy life together :hug:

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