Do you need a business name if mobile?


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Jun 15, 2010
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I qualified as a Nail Tech a few months back and am mobile with a few appointments at my home.

I've printed some business cards (free vistraprint) just to give out my contact details basically. I haven't advertised so far as have a steady trickle of clients coming through from the schools my children attend.

When I have my timings up and start charging full price, then I thought I'd get some leaflets printed and advertise.

However, with christmas coming I wanted to have some gift vouchers to try and sell.

My main question, I've not yet bothered with a business name as its all word of mouth.

I used to be self employed making candles and then soaps and jewellery, I still do the jewellery and my business name was Waxcetera. I don't know whether to just start using this again?

Are there any mobile techs out there that are just known by their own name?

I've tried going the fancy names route and can't come up with anything that hasn't already been used.

Nails by Yvette..........seems a bit obvious lol.

Waxcetera doesn't exactly lend itself to the idea of nails lol. Initially it was Wax (as in candles) etcetera (as in the other items I made) ie waxcetera but nails will be my main function now.

Nails by Waxcetera? or just not bother? Any suggestions?

Was going to buy some ink and print my own vouchers.
I do have a trading name but all my clients know me and recommend me by my own name so it is not necessary at all. It would be down to personal preference really.

In fact I have recently got myself a card machine and one of my clients contacted her bank regarding the use of her card because she didn't know my trading name and coundn't remember using her card anywhere with my trading name, so it can cause difficulties if you are not using it all the time! :green:
I wouldn't go with the Waxcetera. It's a great name but would be confusing if you're not offering waxing or candles lol.

I spent a lot of time and effort creating my business name and brand and, for me, that was a very important part of setting up my business. I wanted something original and memorable. And if you're getting a website you need to have thought of all that before getting a domain name.

No, you don't HAVE to have a business name, but for me as a mobile, there were enough (Name)'s Mobile Beauty etc around and I want to stand out! x
I'm currently setting up as I've recently done a course, and I do have a business name, but I guess you don't NEED one, especially as you're going my word of mouth (which is great by the way - very jealous!).

The only thing I would say is that if you are a sole trader, not a limited company, you can use a name that is already being used - someone please correct me if I'm wrong!! Obviously you wouldn't pick one being used down the road, so choose carefully, but it's hard to find a name which isn't being used at all!
As you are a sole trader it would make sense to have a business name and its also easier to keep your private bank account and business bank account separate.

Also by having a business name its more professional. this is obviously just my opinion. good luck with your new venture. I honestly thought you used your username because you do waxing :lol:
Theres pros and cons with both. Some people prefer to have a business name so they can feel that they have arrived and it makes it easier to make up posters and leaflets etc if they have a business name to go by. Also if you want to expand the business at all in the future then a business name is useful.

The other side of the coin is that when people just go by their name they usually get business from word of mouth. Even tho I have a business name I do find it quite classy when a person can purely go by Jane Doe, Nail Technician on their business cards and nothing else. This is a nice option if you know it will only ever be you running a one man band operation as you won't have to change it then.

Like somebody else said, I wouldnt touch the Waxcetera thing unless you are a waxer by trade. Its just confusing. Til now I didnt know you weren't a waxer.

If you do want a business name you dont need anything fancy or too clever. You want it to reflect you, who you are, what you are about. Once it is named it will take on a personality and it needs to fit with you.
thanks everyone.

I can see the confusion with waxing lol, I used that because there was already an Yvette on here :D

I had thought of Waxcetera Nails by Design. It was really want to put on the gift vouchers. Been lookin through threads to see what to include text wise.

I appear to be having one of those days though where I'm panicing I'm not good enough, so don't know whether to leave the vouchers for this christmas.
Its best not to get a brand and a company name confused.

Even if you're going by your name, you can still "brand" yourself, so people recognise you and you stand out from the crowd. A lot of people miss the fact that creating a brand/logo is basically a "sales tool".

The easiest start to creating a brand is by going by a company name- and, surprisingly to some, research shows it's not hugely important what that name is as long as the brand is strong and a bit thought out. No-one ever thinks Apple is a greengrocers do they?

As Skymark says above, theres no need to be fancy- the branding is more important than the name itself, just bear in mind what its for- to get you remembered.

That said- Waxcetera Nails by Design makes no sense to me im afraid. It's a little conflicting.

But delaying doing vouchers during what should/could be a VERY lucrative time is a bit mental :) Have a look here at what lots of other Salon Geek members are putting on vouchers if you're unsure of how to word things.

Take the bull by the horns of and go for it! ....why regret something you've not done?
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Sometimes the brand is the business name, you need to build your brand and market it as such. I haven't read properly but do you just do nails or do you do more?

I think you like the word et cetera so why not use Nails etc. There is a company called face etc and that does really well.

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