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Jun 16, 2010
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Would you be willing to share your top party make-up tricks?
I normally do facials but as Christmas approaches I aim to do some fun tutorials in very small groups,and pass on 10 quick tips to glam up clients' looks. The age range is likely to be 30s up so I'm looking for flattering rather than high-fashion glitter.
A tip I'll be passing on is to use a tiny amount of highlighter on the cupid's bow to pretty up the lips (apologies if that's old hat to you, but thought I'd share it anyway!)
Thanks in advance for your help!x
a small amount of highlier down the nose, and along the top of the cheeckbones is nice also, high beam by benefit is a nice one for cheeckbones, is it only highlighting tips, or make up in general?? x
Many thanks!
I'd like make-up tips to enhance for a party look, extra techniques and tricks that clients can copy to look a bit more special......
Any other ideas gratefully accepted!:lol:
* for a dewy look mix a cream highlighter with your foundation.
* apply your lipgloss in vertical strokes, it helps take away lines on the lips.
* for skin that is good everywhere but around the eyes and the client wants good coverage I dilute the foundation around the eyes with moisturiser or use a much thinner foundation around this area and blend in.

*a gorgeous way to do smokey eyes is to start off by flicking in a matt brown eyeshadow from the corners of the eyes ( the wee c shape) and blending upwards if there is a lot of space between the eya and brow, leave a banana shape of no make up where you have stopped blending if you get me. Take the brown about a third of the way along the lid under nicely blended. Use some transluscent powder on a nice clean fluff brush to take away harsh lines. Get some matt black eyeshadow and pat into the wee c shape again and blend until no lines, then pat on a nice metallic brown along the rest of the lid and line with a brown or black pencil liner. Then take one of the bourjois liquid eyeshadows in gold put it on the back of your hand and lightly dab your brush onto this and pat little bits on to the centre of the lid, catching naturally where light would, it really highlights it.

Hope this helps xx
I just relised my tip wasn't so quick lol, I suppose you could shorten it down lolx
Brilliant description Laura- many thanks for taking the time and trouble xx
Mac Strobe cream is a bit of a cult classic but my little sister directed me to superdrugs own vitamin e illuminating cream. As shes a student she always fills me in on bargains but this cream is shimmery in a gold pearly way were sometimes i find mac stobe cream a kind of cold sheeny colour.

In regards to party makeup tips for a more mature audience I'd say a good primer and for a pop of colour on the eyes a rich coloured eyeliner on the waterline. I'd say whatever colour they like, I think colours clashing the eye colour look amazing, suit most people and make good stocking fillers/secret santas if you are selling makeup as party of your tutorial. x
These are probably all obvious but just in case...

The easiest way to get a gleam ive found is to get a 'body' cream higlighter like MACs, Bobbi Browns or even (cheapie) FCUK (preferably in pink as less likely too look dirty if they get carried away) and heat it up as they are always too thick and DAB (important!) in a 3 from forehead, cheek and jawline.

Im sure everyone already does it but with the normal face highlighters but they tend to be too liquidy and can mix in with the foundation too much. On that note PRIMARK yes PRIMARK do a really good pink pot of powder you can dust all over and its not glittery i promise its sheeny.

Also I sometimes swish eyeshadow highlighter over the top of their eyebrow.

BUT.. whats wrong with glitter?! :cry: As long as its not from an kids art kit or a catalogue. Ive just bought all of the cheap as chips Collection 2000 glitter liquid eyeliners and they are fabulous!!! :lol:

I used them in a glamour calender and put them on the lash line and smudged them up while they were still wet. The black looked amazing. Even the gold looked good not cheap. Its my experience that over 40's love glitter and in these eyeliners they stay on much longer and you dont get the fiddly dabbing onto cream eyeshadow bit.
I'm early 40's and I LOVE glitter!! Always use a glitter eyeliner when I'm out, GOSH, Too Faced and Urban Decay are my favourites but I also have some Collection 2000's. I just apply glitter on the top lid and use a mix of pencil and eyeshadow on my lower lids to achieve a smokey look. As long as the eyes are not too crepey then you shouldn't have a problem with the glitter highlighting any problem areas. :):)
So glad I joined this site, very sharing people! Top tips.
I too love a bit of glitter, although I have "mature"! skin and have to be very careful, but I'm very aware that some of my ladies don't normally wear much make-up and would find glitter scary and difficult to apply themselves.....however I've taken your advice to heart and will probably sneak a teeny bit in!!

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