golden wedding anniversary cake


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Feb 29, 2004
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hiya gang - me and my sister have been organising a party for my mum and dads 50th wedding anniversary, ive done the cake decorations, and thought id share it with you as im thrilled the way they have come out, the cake itself was bought but i make the floral arrangement out of sugarpaste, then coloured it, there is another 2 tiers to this cake, all the arrangements are the same, but on the smallest one, the arrangement is "falling" over the cake edge.
hope you like it:hug:


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is there no end to your talents !!

it looks wonderful, hope your mum and dad have great day xxx
It's lovely G,
Great work I'm sure your mum and dad will be really happy with it.
You've done a fantastic job Glynis... enjoy the anniversary party x
Its fab Glynis... for a moment I thought you had made the beautiful flower out of acrylic .... glad to see that you can work your magic with sugar paste as well as the the L&P :lol:

Very elegant ... enjoy the party :hug:
Gorgeous and creative work Glynis ... well done and enjoy the party! :hug:
Those flowers are so beautiful!
WOW. Its soo beautiful. WEll done!!!
It looks scrumptious Glynis - I am sure they'll really appreciate all your hard work xx
This looks lovely, well done! x x
OOh looks yummy!! well done glynis!! xx
Looks fab, I to thought you had made the flowers out of L&P lol, til I read the rest of the post!!!
Looks beautiful!!
you have made a beautiful cake glynis
Wow mate, I see a new career for you to run alongside nails:lol:
Glynis, this is beautiful! You have every right to be proud of this. It's gorgeous. Well done! xx
Beautiful mate x
Gorgeous decorations Glynis.. your Mum and Dad will be delighted :hug:

Hope you enjoy the party!
:hug:Beautiful....enjoy the party
Excellent G you clever bunny you make sure your nails match x
Just beautiful,
you never fail to amaze with your artistic skills,
hope the party is as fab as your cake,
and well done to your parents for the 50 yrs, WOW :hug:

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