How old were you when you started in the nail/beauty industry?


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how old were you when you took your first course?

  • under 20

    Votes: 35 21.6%
  • 21-25

    Votes: 30 18.5%
  • 26-30

    Votes: 24 14.8%
  • 31-35

    Votes: 34 21.0%
  • 36-40

    Votes: 20 12.3%
  • 40+

    Votes: 19 11.7%

  • Total voters


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Dec 27, 2007
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Sunny South! UK
I was just wondering what was the average age of all you geeks when you started out in the nail/beauty industry?
I was 34 when I did my Creative Foundation course!!
I Did the Creative Foundation course when I was 50
i was 31 when i first started
I was 23 when I started training and 24 when I started my Creative Course! x
Hi all
I was 39 when i did my bio sculpture coarse and still learning suspect I will never stop doing coarses and learning.... loving acrylic right now. Plan to do this forever :)

Happy New Year to you all - i hope 2008 will be a successful year for everyone!
I always did secretarial work since leaving school in 1986, but always loved doing things with my nails ie nailart - in those days i could grow them to a decent length and always took time to make them look nice. When i went on maternity leave in 2005 i decided that i wanted a career change and this was it! And i love it!! (Beats sitting at a computer desk typing stinky letters any day!!):D
I was 16 straight after i left school i went to train as a beauty therapist and havent regretted it yet lol
Cant believe theres such a range...... Its great! Im 30, thought I was going to be one of the older ones on my Beauty Therapy course (which I started in sept), but quite the opposite, Id say half were younger half older!
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i was 34 when i passed my course....your right what a different in ages we all were xx
June of this year will make my career exactly 1/2 of my the time I reach 40 I will have 22 years of experience in the industry. Still wouldn't change a thing!
I was 31 when i started my initial NVQ 2 in beauty therapy....that was in 2001:)
In Quebec, we graduate high school at age 16.

I had taken "intro to cosmetology" at 14, then at 15, started my 2yr course for my "Cosmetology DEP" and finished shortly before I turned 17.

I stuck around in Hairdressing for a few years, just doing nails for fun for myself. Makeup artistry for a local theatrical troupe and local fashion shows (small affairs..)... Then left the business all together for over 10yrs, but was still doing my own nails and that of family and friends, some small weddings... nothing full time, more hobby-ish, although I had my DEP in Cos. & my 'gel-resin' (aka dip) certification.
Then over 3yrs ago, decided to start up again and here I am.
Hmm, well I started out doing reiki when I was 23ish. Does that count? Then I did acrylic nails when 24. But somewhere in between I did aromatherapy. Got into massage as an extention of reiki and aromatherapy 2 years ago. Just did my waxing, tining, spray tanning late November.
I was 31 when I finished my first course.
I was 26! And i thought i was too old.. how wrong i was!! Only wished i started when i was 17!:lol:
I was 19 when I started, still only 21, funnily enough I don't see myself working actively in the industry, my feet are already itching for a new challenge within the industry!

I do love it though

Becki xxx
I was 34 when i did my foundation course with creative and completed it just before i turned 35,
my birthday pressie to my self lol
but i have always had an interest in nails, i used to paint my friends nails in school and do little bits of nail art for them.
i was 17 when i did my mani / pedi nvq unit as an evening class at college while doing my a levels in 6th form... went full time at college at 18 and got my first full time job in the industry when i was 19

where has the past 11 yrs gone???????

well i did a course in 2006 so i was 32 when i started , did VTCT last year at 33 and will be 33 when i start my creative foundation course, but will be 34 when (and if) i pass it lol

great to see so many ages ranges, but it also makes me feel better knowing that plenty of peeps started at a later age (IYKWIM) cos that means theres a chance i can make it too lol


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