I passed, I passed and I passed!!!


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Last week I took my Spa Masters my L&P Masters and my Brisa Masters. My results came through today and I passed all three :green:.

It was hard work, and LOTS of learning in a very short space of time, but I did it and I am so chuffed with myself.

I want to say a HUGE thank you to Amanda, her support and faith in me helped enormously :hug:.


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Congratulations Rachel x


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Congratulations you little Master!!!

Cant wait to get to the stage where I think Im thoroughly confident to go for my masters!



Gel Junkie
wooo hooooooo

well done clever clogs:hug::hug:


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Well done Rachel, you clever thing!:green: You must be chuffed to bits!:hug:

jac extreme

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well done hun x


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well done hun x x x x x
Be one with the masters now...:lol:

clara doon

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well done you !! fab news

I'm worried about 1 and you did 3 together!!! wow

Rachy Roo

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well done you !! fab news

I'm worried about 1 and you did 3 together!!! wow

same here!!!

well done hope :hug::hug: !!! u got any piccys of your nails xx

becki x

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Well done my fab friend ,loads of love Becki :Love: :hug:


Lost and happy geek!
Well done you!!! Fab work....


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A trio of congratulations ... well done :hug:


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wow congratulations


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Excellent news! Well done you!


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Thank you everyone :hug:


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Well done and well deserved....you know where I am when you need some part time work :!::hug:


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I am so pleased for you :green::hug::green:

Well done xxxx


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Well done Rachel, huge congratulations xxxxxx:hug::hug:

Jen Smith

Congratulations on your achievement. To do all three together is some going, well done you :hug:

Does this make you a Grand Master now? I heard on the grapevine that the Fabric wrap masters had been dropped and you now had to cover Brisa, L&P plus the Spa. I have probably dreamed this so pay no attention lol!!


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Wow L + p master was enough for me

you must be a genius to remember all you have xxxxxxx

a big fat WELL DONE