I'd like you all to meet my new son!


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Jan 9, 2003
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Hi Gang! I'm back! I'll be scant around here for the next few days ....kinda busy loving the heck outta this mommy business! Just wanted to introduce you all to the newest, more wonderful man in my life! Click below and be prepared for the cuteness!

Big Ben!
Oh my God, he is so cute.
Congrats to you from us here in cold London.
All the best Ruth and Faye xxxxxxx
Woooohoooo... Way to go Patti. He looks beautiful. Thanks for the middle name gesture. ;)

nJoy (you cant help but!)
Congratulations, Patti

How hard was that :shock: . Perfect timing on his part, managed to make Charlotte's (my little lady's) birthday! Excellent day to be born on.

Good luck in the next few weeks,
What a beautiful baby, Patti. Enjoy the time off, it goes fast.
Congratulations Patti, he's sooooo cute!!

Its true, enjoy the time, before you know it he'll be a raging hormonal beast ....teenager I mean :arg: seems like yesterday mine was so angelic looking

Good Luck
:rabbit: Awww Patti, he is absolutly gorgeous! The picture of health. Enjoy your new baby bundle and kiss his cheek for me!
YAY Patti!!!!
He is beautiful! What a sweet boy.
How cool is it that you actually tore yourself away and updated us? Too cool!
Welcome To The World Benjamin.
  • Way to go Patti, he's a beaut
Oh My God - the first picture of him in the bassinet looks just like my son when he was born!!! Ben is one heck of a cutie!

Please enjoy it as it does go extremely fast :( Welcome to the world of motherhood. I'm sure you'll cherish every minute.

Best of luck to you both.
Hi Pattie
Thank you sooooooo much for sharing these pictures with us.......he is so cute, you take care and try to get plenty of rest. OMG I am getting all broody just looking at the little chap.
Loads of love & hugs
and a big lick from Mullie.
congratulations patti

he is beautiful and your right sooooooooo cute enjoy every precious minute there's no greater thing than being a mother

xxxx :rabbit: xxxx
Such a handsome and alert little boy. I would just want to hold him and squeeze him forever!! Enjoy 'cause they grow so fast!
Patti - he is lovely - and I shall call him 'little man' because he reminds me of Haydn (now 10) when he was born with all that hair. Njoy this special time - you blink and it's gone!! Love and Best Wishes Samantha x ;)
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