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Sep 20, 2007
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Last month I gave a link to a website on foot reading and personality of nail polish choices.

This site gets changed every month, and their is another feature on foot reading (haven't read it yet).

But, I am the guest feature, so please go on and see some pics of my family and I, also at the bottom of the page is a little bit about my open evening on Nov 1st.

Its a very attractive site and well worth bookmarking and going on every month to read the features.

Welcome To Universally Rio,
Hey that is fab, and your hubby is a bit of a dish too!:)
steady now Joe90!!! ha!ha!ha!

won't tell him, won't get his head through the door!

its a nice feature isn't it.
How brilliant is that..........lovely salon, lovely hubby and son. Good on ya! xxx
Congratulations - it is really good, sounds like your open evening went well too.

Could you add to this thread the link to the personality of polishes - i'd really like to read that one.

:hug: for your lovely looking family xx
thats a fab article hun , well done it sounds like your open evening was a great sucess xxxx
well done you huni.....love the acticle xx
what a confidence booster, thats a very interesting site, have taken your advise and book marked it:hug:
Well done Ann.

The pictures of your family and your salon look lovely. x x x
How exciting .... wishing you every success in all that you do :hug:
Looks like you've gone through as many job changes as me. I still don't think I've discovered what I want to be when I grow up yet either so I could still go through some more jobs in the future.:eek:
you know what, I HAVE FOUND the thing that I want to do and I love the fact that I've found it!

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