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Aug 19, 2004
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My daughters coming home for xmas, wooohooo!!!
A very long story but she thought she was going to be spending it in Colchester prison but the Navy decided to let her come home for xmas.
I'm so excited, can't wait.
Aw thats great news Marie, hope you have a lovely time :hug:

Julez x

what a fantastic christmas prezzie for your family marie......

hope you can have a fab christmas now your family is home xx:hug:
That's great news mate, have a lovely Christmas x
great news, have a fab christmas together:hug:
Lovely news Marie .... hope you all have a fab Xmas together.
Great news Marie,

A big relief to you also.

Hope you have a brill Christmas now she is coming home.
what an heart warming thread,i am delighted you get to spend the festive season with your daughter ,enjoy xxxxx
Hope your xmas is LOVELY:!:

what a lovely surprise :hug: bet that has made your xmas :hug:
That is so lovely.

Thinking of 'driving home for xmas' Chris Rea when I hear someone getting home with their family at this time of year.

All the best

hun thats fantastic news i hope you have a fantastic christmas and get all you wish for in 2008:hug: