Murphy's Law Strkes Again - Owned car for all of 2hrs ROFL


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Oct 17, 2005
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Cornwall, Ontario, Canada
Well, I am the proud owner of a license plate


The other night, my mechanic looked over the car in the sellers driveway....
said everything was perfect, way better than ever anticipated.. couldn't believe the car looked so great for it's age, kept in great shape....
Told me if I did't buy it, he would.

Bought the car. Went to the SAAQ today, while the car was delivered to his garage. It was up on the lift while I was at the SAAQ. He left me a message at home......
"Don't buy the car!!"

The firewall was rusted clear through and rack and pinion to go next (whatever the heck that is?)
The cost of repair more than the car is worth.

Anyway.. I have a lovely license plate on my kitchen table.
A piece of paper that says I own a car.
And it's on it's way to the scrap heap before I've even driven it.

Ah well...
The good news is this: the seller refunded me my money and felt terrible and told me to keep the 'scrapping' money earned to reimburse my costs of registering the car in my name.

I figure, everyone gets one lemon in their lifetime.
I guess this one was mine...

So the next car's gonna be a good one, right?


ps: initially I wanted to sit and cry, but decided that if I did, I wouldn't stop and would just give myself a migraine. Better to laugh and learn, and move on.. then to dwell on what can't be changed.

Good old "Murphy" strikes again
The rack and pinion is the steering component of the car, which is a pretty big thing to have fail. The bad news is you didn't get a working car. The good news is that you found out about it before the steering failed while you were driving it! Hugs to you, Babes, I know how awful it feels to almost get something you need so badly.:hug:
gawd! at least you got a refund!!! :cry:
OMG Victoria! It could only happen to you! x x x
What a shame Victoria, but yes best you found out now rather than when you were driving it hun :hug:
I think this is a good story Victoria and shows that you are having some good luck.....honest.

Your mechanic was honest, thorough and efficient spotting this major defect, and got back to you right away. As everyone else had said thank goodness he did, or your steering could have failed when you and the kids were in the car!.

Also the seller of the car was a decent and honourable person who gave you your refund.

All in all it has worked out.

Now we just need to find the car for is out there....somewhere...honest!!!
typical !!

but at least the seller refunded your money (quite unheard of!) and you never know you might make a packet from the scrap !

good luck with your next find x
Well, the seller is the mother of a friend.
And the first thing she said when she found out was "OMG I'm so sorry, I feel so bad, you were so excited"

All's well that ends well.
In any case, I don't yet have a license, still waiting for a spot to open for my practical test. The only reason it was great to have a car was to 'practice' in the same car all the time. Instead of 3 different ones depending on who takes me practicing. Know what I mean? I could have gotten into a 'comfort' zone instead of trying to adjust to 3 different sized cars and farting around with the darn seats and mirrors all the time.

I have to laugh.
AND YES I'm very lucky she was so kind.
Very lucky to have the connections I do and a great mechanic.

But yes... it could only happen to me.


I figured this: Murphy looked at my week and ticked things off his list
- Victoria got a new dining set w/matching buffet (mom got a new one and gave me her old one)
- Victoria got a new stove (mom got a new one, so I got her old one)
- Victoria's going to be an aunty cause her best friend was induced last night at the hospital
- Victoria blindsided the principal at her daughter's school and caused security to be improved for the children (a story I really gotta share today)
SOOOO Victoria's done great this week....
Murphy turned and said "Time to kick Victoria's arse"

gotta laugh right?
oh, and another bright side I have to look at.
I hate red anyway, and the GrandAm was red HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA
oh no , hun :hug:, but at least you didnt end up with a heap of scrap :green:,
you see thats why i am moving to canada , coz they are nice people :green:,

not like us english, we would have said tuff poo you have bought it you aint getting your money back :lol::lol:
Crikey! Thats terible!! So glad you got your money back though chick!!!
Aww what a shame about the car mate.:hug:
thank god for that, i told you not to buy a horrid red car in the first place chickadee lol:lol::lol:

aww no honestly victoria, im so sorry for you, cos you were so chuffed, but thank god you found out now, before you or kids were hurt, and thank god they gave you money back hun, so all in all not too bad i suppose,

but hey chick, your not the only one these things happen to, infact in our house there is no murphy's or sods law , its nicky's law lol

take car chick:hug:, pass that test and buy a lovely none red car this time hehe:lol:

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