my whole toenail has come off....dont look if you're squeamish please


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Sep 14, 2005
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i have stupidly stubbed my toe, and the whole nail has come out
I dont know what to do,
I have been advised to go to A+E but im on my own, cant drive and have no phone what should i do....clean it ..or apply pressure and leave it is so sore and theres lots of blood...
one geek has advised me lots, but she has had to go, and she said to press it back on. but the whole thing has actially come out...and its too sore to touch ..
its throbbing now starting to swell and bruise and feels like its on fire

help !!
is there no neighbours that could take u hun., looks very sore. if not and its still bleeding i would ring for a taxi or ambulance hope its ok soon xx
OUCH! You poor thing ,get yourself to the hospital , you dont want to get infection!
ring your gp surgery and see if you can see the practise nurse they are usually there for a few hours everyday on a first come first serve basis
OMG wheres the vomit emoticon!:eek:

Seriously though, you poor thing that looks so sore.:hug: I would definitely advise that you get some sort of medic to take a look at it, just so they can thoroughly clean and dress it to avoid infection.
OUCH:eek:OUCH:eek:AND f***ING ouch:eek::eek::eek::eek:

I agree ring your gp or the nhs helpline.

If its come out i spose all you can do is keep it clean and put a dressing on it (my nephew did a similar thing with his finger the other month)

Pop a couple of pain killers or grab a bottle of wine!!

Good luck hun - looks extremely painfull

amb x
Looks VERY sore hun! Poor you. I'd try and get to the hospital asap, to get it cleaned properly and dressed. Maybe give your GP a ring and inform them of the situation and that you cannot get anywhere, perhaps a doctor could come out and see you or a nurse??

Anybody on your street handy with a bandage?

Eeeekkkk and they are painted so beautifuly aswell!!

Hugs to your poorly toe, and heres to a speedy recovery! xxx:hug:
Bathe it in some salt water

No need to go to hospital I shouldn't imagine

Keep it clean and eventually the toenail will fall off and a new one should grow back

I know it is really painful (I have actually done this myself!!)

Gina x
OUCH! Poor Emmsy

I would have it cleaned and dressed as others have said ... either do it yourself if you are able or get a professional to do it. In the meantime I would pack a bag of frozen peas around it and raise your foot up of the floor to lessen the bruising and swelling as you would do with any other trauma of this kind. xx
Oooh hun, that looks so sore! You poor thing. :hug: Definitely clean and dress it. As Geeg said, keep it elevated. This will also help slow the bleeding. And get that wine open!!
thankyou everyone..
I am going to the hospital later little sis is gunna take me.

I have bathed it ..omg I was so scared .it is still bleeding a little , and bruising fast ..
I have camera batteries on charge for piccies lol
I have calmed down an awfull ot now, I'm atually finding it interesting now i keep looking at it lol
Earlier I felt very queasy and a bit sick, even rachel said on webcam i looked very pale lol

the thing is I never knew i was sqeemish...But I am...If it had been one of the kids it wouldnt have bothered me at all,id have been right in there nurse Em.
but because its myself god it was horrible,

I'ts all my own fault..I kicked the base of the bed in temper because i couldnt get the drawer open :o

Im so gutted I really hope I get a new one :(
of all the times to do this its summer, when I should be showing my l+p off lol

I think mabey if i hadnt have had l+p on it might not have been so bad, but then and again if i didnt have it on...I could have broken my toe (if i havent already)


Ill update you all when I have been the hospital xxxxxx
I will take pictures for educational purposes and rach have been amazed looking at it lol
I have to say, my initial reaction was to laugh, because you must have been in agony, yet still took pics, loaded them onto the pc and then photobucket, then post !!

Quite funny when you think about that, but didn't want to upset you

Gina xx
omg ems that looks so sore, hope you get sorted at hossie, and get some pain killers, when i broke my toe and ripped nail off there was no blood like that and it killed, the next day it was too sore to put toe n floor, so walked round sort of bending toe to keep it off the floor lol

anyway let us know how you get on hun, but what are you like finding time to take pics ffs

take care babes xxxx
lol...not only did i take pics....I also had 4 geeks on webcam having a good look hahaha ..
I have to say it was more for help orgininally, but then it became ooohh do you want to see it now its really minging lol..

and at least my toenails are all done I only put the moonlight and roses and nail art on yesterday, although the l+p has been on for a while now

I have just taken more pics, ill upload them asap..
I do have to warn though ..they are very close up..and very clear..and very horrible... ill warn when i post them, and ill do it in links so it doesnt shock anyone who doesnt want to see xxxxxx
oooo Emm, :eek:

I am very squeemish but I still had to look:smack:

Can only repeat what others have said ... hope it feels better soon!!

this is so wierd. I haven't posted here in ages, & was lurking when the very first thread is this . I did the exact same thing on the same day. my piggie toe is broken, & the nail came right off, after the cussing, & hopping around, I did get a bag of frozen lima beans on it . lol. some swelling went down but its not a pretty site, yellow,black, purple red, yuck is all I can say & now I am limping around! :irked: but I can totally relate.

Emmsy hun, I still think you should do as I suggested initially. Keep a firm dressing on it to stop bleeding, pop a couple of painkillers and then get to A&E when Wayne gets home. From what you have told me, you have cut the toe deeply as well and it may need sutures. If not then thats great.

And yes, you'll probably lose the toenail.:hug:
Thank god I had finished eating before I looked :eek:Ems it looks very painful get Wayne to look after you for well at least a week lmao xx:hug:
aww poor you think it would have been as bad if your nail was not overlaid...??...would the natural nail just snapped and not ripped right off like that...?

just asking cos i never want that to happen to me...i'd cry for sure. xx
def go to hospital - i did the same to a finger nail and had to go on penicillin and get it dressed professionally to prevent infection

all the best hun, i know how much it hurts!

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