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May 8, 2006
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Hi geeks,
I bought below glitter from fiona, but needs advice on mix-up with arcylic e.g mix it up with Pink or White or Clear! Just want it for zone 1 display as colour Tips. I only have Diamonds in the Rough which looks awsome from Jac Tutorial so Please Guide me...

Diamonds in the Rough: mix with White(Thanks to Jac)

Barbie Rella:

Ruby Slipper: I have seen a couple images from Nail Critiques but not know the mix ratio
I buy from Fiona too and it should come with instructions, where to fill to with you acrylic. I use Pink as it gives a great finish but have used clear too which works well also but have never used white. Did you get instructions?
I didn't get the instruction. I assume the below mixing but correct me if I wrong?

Barbie Rella: Intense Pink

Ruby Slipper: Intense Pink (seen Gigi foto, it's does looks beautiful) Xanadu: Clear
Firstly, I apologise if you did not get instructions - I usually always send them unless it is to a regular customer - maybe they get sick of the same bit of paper with every order LOL.

The instructions are on the website though.

The only colours which are "recommended" to be mixed with white are Like a Virgin and Funfetti. Some customers will choose to mix others like Diamonds in the Rough with white.

Most of the other colours can be mixed with either pink or clear. It depends on the brand of powder you use - some brands clear is a bit on the cloudy side and will effect the glitter.

The Ruby Slipper mix which Gigi did was actually not using Nail Graphix (I only wish it was LOL) but used a mixture of the Creative coloured powders and glitter.

I hope this helps and please feel free to email or PM me if I can help any further.

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