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Sep 14, 2005
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Well after the final straw with these bloomin headlice and eggs galore,
I thought something had seriously got to be done,
I have bought many combs ...and had kits from the health visitor none get rid of everything, including the eggs..
Over the years they have built up in my daughters hair, she is dark haired so they are obviously seen in her hair,
I have been in tears over it sometimes, as my kids hair did look dirty and dull...
But I couldnt for the life of me get rid of all these eggs...not even with the wet combing with conditioner,
Any way, final straw came the other night, her hair is always tatty. and she wants it cut...i thought no way can i take her to get her hair cut like this,
my hairdresser mentioned the "nitty gritty" comb , she said it was £10 and i went :eek:

But I thought :rolleyes: ill have to try it...if its a waste of money then tuff lol,

OH MY GOD its fab ...the best nit comb in the world...
For the first time in my eldest daughters life she is TOTALLY headlice and nit egg free...just by using a comb ..
it was designed by mums (enough said)
and has a lifetime gaurentee...if it ever breaks...send it back, they will send you a new one for free.

I am going to tell the school about this and tell them to get posters up,
I think some health centers also offer this on perscription, there is a letter to download and take into them on the website ,

I dont know how many peoples kids suffer headlice but im sure im not the only one lol,
There are children in my kids classes and apparently you can see them crawling in their hair :eek:...I have been in and all they do is say "we will send a letter out"

They had a nurse come in once to do a talk to all the parents...out of the whole school only 11 of us turned up :irked:

Its stupid, when i was a kid I had headlice ONCE and once only, my children get them again and again and again....and im sick of it..
But at least now with this comb they will all DIE yay ..

loads of information on the website x

Nitty Gritty - Alternative head lice solutions / combs / treatments / remedies / products / information
Brilliant tip Emmsy, my kids must come home with a letter saying nits are going round every couple of weeks. I'll take the details into school.
thanks for the info daughter gets these horrabile things now and will get one of these combs xxx
If you can get it from health visitor for free then do it, but if not it is worth every penny of the £10,
you honestly wouldnt imagine the amount of dead eggs my eldest had in her would think i was a reeealy bad mum if you had of, lol,
I actually wish i had took before and after pictures :green:

When she woke up this morning, her hair has the best shine on it i have ever seen....

I even got loads out of my youngest daughters hair (eggs not headlice i mean)
shes blonde and i honestly didnt even know she had eggs , couldnt see them...but boy oh boy she did :irked:
she dont have now though :)
I have never enjoyed de-lousing as much .....
MUM - 1 .....
My middle daughter has been getting nits and its driving me mad...whats up with my other 2 daughters hair then...:lol:

I have used everything going and its all rubbish....the best thing is combing but it has to be have to keep on top of it. From the eggs hatching to them being able to mate is 10 days, so you have to get them be for that happens...the only way to do that it so comb the hair through everyday...even twice.

The only problem is when they are young they are tiny, so its harder to see/catch them.

I use a old beaker full of hot water and a white peace of kitchen roll.....after each comb i rinse the comb in the water.....and wipe on the kitchen the end if you look in the water you will see all there nasty little things.

I have a standard nit comb from boots but will definitely get one of these to try....thanks Ems xx
:lol:its weird i had hair down to the back of my knees when i was a kid and i only got em once ,
my mates little lass always has em , she has to check her hair everynight, some of the parents just dont wanna do anything about it !! one of the mums at our school said she just leaves em :eek: until they "decide to leave "
my god i am scratting just thinking about it :lol: am so glad james has his hair mega short am dreading it when olivia goes to school
I got a bug buster kit once of the health visitor...but it would always miss some...and then you know you miss a few times and your back to the beginning,
The eggs just didnt come out with this comb,,,mine was more of a egg problem than headlice problem,
But this comb I love it and I want to marry it lol....i was sooo excited by it lmao.

I just wish all the other mums at the school would do it too,
The main kids mum is a alchy The childs hair is unbeliveable...i had to discreetly go into the school and ask for my little one to be moved, as she had been put next to this kid on the table...and said it made her sick to see all the nits crawling in her hair and on hair fringe,

as soon as i walked in the teacher knew what i was talking about, before i opened my mouth !
Poor little thing..i feel like getting her out of school and using my new comb on her lol,

Angie I know what you mean about one youngest never really gets them...but my eldest seems to always have them,
wonder why that is ?
When my daughter caught headlice at her primary school I phoned them up and asked why they had not sent out a letter to inform parents of the problem. They said, and I quote "we did not want to stigmatise a child for having headlice and cause bullying" WHAT???? I said you dont have to name names just inform parents of the problem.

My daughter said all the kids knew who had brought them into the school anyway and that child had them permanently from primary 1 (it was primary 5 by the time she caught them luckily).

I told the school I was sorry but that it was a health issue and I was going to inform as many parents as I could and ask them to spread the word as the only way to get rid of the problem was to inform people about it. We got a letter the next day.

The head teacher at my daughters primary school called us mums the "Coffee Morning Mafia". I was quite flattered by that title.

Trish :hug:
i say they should bring back the "nit nurses" , also i know they uased to tell mums they had to keep kids off school till they were gone, think they should do that too !! might make some of the lazy assed mums bother
We had "nit nurses" at school and we were also made to stay off until it was sorted too, urgh the stuff we used to have on our hair!
My girls have both really suffered badly with head lice, I used to get them out the bath after doing their hair and literally sit their for what seemed like hours combing the same sections of hair over and over again, of course I was hated for it. That's why it's makes me chuckle when I see that ad for one of the treatments where the mum is rubbing it on the boys head and he's their smiling away - if only!
Luckily my eldset hasn't had them since moving to middle school but I think I'll invest in one of those combs just incase my other daughter get's them again (hopefully she won't), rather than wasting all that money on treatments.
I'm in the doctor's next week so I will see if I can get it on prescription whilst I'm there for my daughter.
She hasnt had them yet but it is going round the school so it's better to be safe then sorry.

Thanks Emma x
our ashleigh had nits last year permanently we would spend the whole weekend (no exaggeration here guys) she has bum lenght red curly hair and it would take the two of us in turns two days to condition and comb and rinse over and over again, shed be free and after being in school next day, would come home with huge adult nits in her hair, so we knew she was picking them up in school, we tried everything shampoos, herbal remedies tea tree (which helps prevent them i must admit) and every comb under the sun, she couldnt have her hair cut for 3 months as everytime we took her theyd say no theres still eggs left in her hair, we explained these were the empty egg cases and they are impossible to remove the doctor said they would grow out:rolleyes::rolleyes:

anyway a lady in the hairdressers followed me outside and suggested i go buy the nitty gritty comb, when she said £10 i thought omg for a comb, but she seemed so sure, that i went that say and got one,

it changed my life, we got rid of every little last egg case (loads of them) and she says it dosent hurt half as much, yet looking at its twisted teeth youd swear it would, but she says its great

we told the school if they didnt address the system , that we would print flyers and stand in the school yard giving them out, naming the person that everyone already knew was the one causing the prob, next thing a letter comes out, saying that cos of the number of continuing cases the school were bringing in a health professional to deal with thre offenders, and voila no more outbreaks for a while, plus me and a mate stood talking loudly so that the mum concerned could here us, about how awful it was that ashleigh had open sores on her head where she'd been bitten by the nits and how awful it was that some poor kid in the class was not being looked after properly at home lol

i dont envy anyone who's kids get them, they are the worse thing in the world to deal with, but deffo use this comb its the dogs b******s and use tea tree shampoo every few washes, we've been nit free for 6 months now woohoooppppeeee:lol:
Nicky I'm the same as you, I put teatree oil into the girls shampoo bottle just a couple of drops.
I only do it every other bottle because their hairdresser said headlice can get used to it otherwise.
I've done it since they were small, but I will still be getting the comb.
i have just rang my local boots and they have them in sad that i am getting excited about a nit comb...:lol:
i have just rang my local boots and they have them in sad that i am getting excited about a nit comb...:lol:
Hun if you'd have seen me last night you would think you were normal lmao,
Every drag through the hair I was like oooooooo look at this one, theres loads in it mwhahahaha

Honestly the kids and my feller were like "ok we are sooo bored now, we really dont need you to show us every time you pull it through "
I cant wait to do it again, I swear I will be dragging kids in off the street to do theirs soon :lol:
We sell the nitty gritty at the chemist where i also work they are good.
Have you used any solutions also to treat the head lice?
The good ones are debac and full marks all alcohol based which is good you also need to treat 7 days later after the first aplication which some people dont. Cannot be used by anyone who suffers with asthma cos of the fumes.

Me and emma m both use on our children dr johnson aromatherapy shampoo its fantastic doesnt smell nice but it contains neem oil and deet which the nits cannot stand it just kills them and our kids has never had them after using this shampoo its brill £1.70 from home bargains if you have them in your area.
I cant wait to do it again, I swear I will be dragging kids in off the street to do theirs soon :lol:

now theres a thought.....self employed nit many parents either hate it or don't have time...£15 per child for 2 sessions...???:)
i brought one of these combs when they 1st came out and yes they are fab, i think they work so well because they are designed my mums and not someone in a lab coat who has never had nits:irked:,
they are the 1st thing i would recomend to anyone who is in need of a nitty solution, lol

also instead of chemical solutions i have found solar oil on the comb before brushing it through my kids hair is a better and nicer solution as it makes the hair slipery but not to greasy doesnt cost any more than the lotions and doesnt have the kids sitting there crying because of the nasty smell,
i have never ever found a chemical solution that works with getting the nits out, they only work with emptying the bank, lol, this is because these days the nits have become amune (sp?) and to be honest pilling chemicals on the kids hair cant be good for there health, nitty gritty do sell a fab non chemical treatment aswell and a repelant, the repelant is ace, i stil use it on my daughter and she is in year 7 now lol
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thanks for this im gonna run off to boots in a mo:hug:
now theres a thought.....self employed nit many parents either hate it or don't have time...£15 per child for 2 sessions...???:)
:eek::idea: don't tempt me ang lol,.
It's not a bad idea :lol:

Mind you its different doing your own isnt it,
I imagine getting a strangers kids nits similar to cleaning another persons dogs poo up....always worse when its not family lol.
Kids come home then and we come in, i had nit comb in my hand ...i was like
" right kids which first....tea or nits ??"

They chose tea :irked:

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