Not nail related but need your help plz


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Feb 6, 2006
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West Yorkshire
Im looking for a song and just cant find it!

I'm usually a whizz at finding and downloading songs but this has stumped me and i cant figure out why i cant search it out.

The song im looking for is called "heart of an angel" its by a band called modern talking.

I need this song badly as its to a linedance i do and i need to practice it before next tuesday.

HELPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!! if ya can :hug:

I will be eternaly gratefull forever and a day :irked:

This is the song on you tube, might just jog someones memory YouTube - Modern Talking - Heart Of An Angel (The Last Concert)
hi hun download limewire its on there i just dont know how to get it to you :hug:
I dont have limewire but i do have winmx and shareaza.

The problem im having at the moment is i have a router so my sons can have broadband on their pc in their own rooms and it seems to have firewaled me causing d/loads to take for ever and a day and thats when they start!

Rach if you could d/load it then transfer it through msn i'de be forever grafeful. My msn addy is on my profile.

Ps..could you have a quick looky and see if you can find a song called "come dance with me" by nancy hayes.

Cant thank you enough :hug:
pips, i have both these songs if you want me to msn them to you hun

nicky xxx
Oooo come dance with me deffo, managed to find heart of an angel (just gota master the dance to it!!! lmao

Have pm'd you nicky :hug:
Lol you keep slapping them thighs hunny :lol:
Lol you keep slapping them thighs hunny :lol:

Lmao trust you lou! Just you wait, im gona get you doing these dances! :lol:

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