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Lady H

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Nov 6, 2005
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county durham
well its been a looong time, bet no one remembers me now, but anyway i have had surgery on my back and i was wondering if it would be beneficial to use solar oil on my scar to help it fade a little. I know you can get bio oil for it but will solar oil do a similar job? Thanks. and Hi to anyone who remembers me, as ladyh or harvey xxxxxxx
I have been using bio oil on mine not sure if it has helped or not to be honest but its worth a try
hi Harvey, nice to have you back:hug: I've been using bio oil on a scare and its fading very nicely but I remember reading a thread on here about someone using solar oil on a new scar and being amazed by the results. Do let us know if you try it, how it goes.
well ive been using it a couple of days. as its on my back i cant really see but ive took pictures with my phone and its improved quite a bit but early days and could just be the general healing process cos it was only done 3 weeks ago
Hi, a few years ago I had major abdominal surgery which left a very long scar. I was advised to use vitamin e oil on it, as often as possible. As a red head I'm supposed to scar badly, but I have to say that although the scar is long it is very thin and a few years on has faded to a silvery thin line, and isn't that noticeable considering its length.

I used vitamin e capsules, broken open with a pin and squeezed the oil out. I kept a bottle and pin on top of the toilet and applied it whenever I went to the loo.

Solar oil contains vitamin e so I suppose it would work as well, but maybe the more concentrated the oil the better. I also took vitamin e capsules. Don't know if this helped, but I am very pleased with the results.

Hope you're recovering well from the surgery.

thanks for that i may give that a try and use the solar oil till i can get my hands on some vitamin e oil. and yeah doing great after the surgery, its fantastic as i was almost crippled for the past 6 months
Good to see you back with us Helen :hug:
Mama mio does something called ER stretch mark minimiser which helps reduce stretch marks and so would help with scars.

HOpe your feeling ok,

Becki xxx
Hi and welcome back Helen, got no advice sweetie but wanted to give you a hug :hug: xxx
Welcome back :hug::hug:

I certainly find solar oil good for scars on my hands (after burning them on the oven):irked:
Welcome back Harvey, glad you are recovering well........will we ever get used to your new posh user ID Lady H...?? :lol:
This may sound ridiculous but there are some natural products on the market from Chile which are becoming popular. These are made from snail secretion which have been said to greatly reduce scarring and leaves skin feeling wonderful. It came about because Chile produces lots of snails for the French food market. They noticed thaat the women who collected the snails had lovely skin on their hands, and developed it from there.
Also, the secretion is used in Chile as a natural anti biotic cream.
Needless to say the secretion is highly refined!!
I understand that Lavender oil is a cicatrisant (heals scar tissue), haven't tried it myself though.
hey and thanks for the warm welcomes all of you. aww its great to be back. so much has changed, i havent ventured into the outside world for so long i feel really out of the loop now lol
When my daughter was at primary school she picked up impetigo (I know - yeuww) and ended up with an awfull scar just the right of her mouth and slightly up her cheek. Well bio-oil worked for her so maybe it will work for you. Hope you find somthing that works. :hug:
well ive bought some vitamin e oil this afternoon so im gonna give that a go
I have been using bio oil on my scars off a bust reduction and its worked really well! Might give vit E a go tho! Might be cheaper! x
it is cheaper it was a fiver a bottle from holland and barratts. bio oil was a lot more expensive than that and as im on a budget being on the sick i had to spend wisely hehe
it is cheaper it was a fiver a bottle from holland and barratts. bio oil was a lot more expensive than that and as im on a budget being on the sick i had to spend wisely hehe

I have just had back surgery too and was told not to bother with the expense of Bio oil. Might try solar oil or vitamin E.
ooh so theres 2 of us feeling like new women then eh? well i was using solar oil and didnt have any probs with it but the vitamin e oil is thicker so easier to put on as it doesnt run down your fingers

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