Stealing Co-worker, what would you do???


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Dec 28, 2007
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Hi all. I'll try to make this short and sweet but I can't promise :). I really need some advice here because I'm losing my mind. The other nail tech that works at the salon with me has been stealing from me. She took my polymers and poured hers into my containers. She also stole my handset to my drill and replaced it with one of her old ones. Do I have proof? No. Will she admit if I confront her, Hell No. Am I positive, YES! I have 10 clients with bad nails coming back to me with lifing, popping off, broken nails which never used to happen to me. Everytime a client sits in her chair for a fill, she has to replace and fix at least 2 or 3 nails before she even starts her fill. Not only that but I can tell that my formula is different. It is exactly the same texture of the stuff that she uses and you can tell it's not my white and pink by its appearance. I have had to throw away everything and replace it because God only knows if she did anything to my liquid or my primer, and now I am forced to bring my drill and my acrylic system home with me every night. This girl has cost me $500.00, time and money. She has cost me embarrasment with my clients, and possibly tarnished my reputation. I went to quit last week and my boss asked me not to go that she really likes my work and that I will do well there so I decided to give it a go, plus I don't want this girl to see me run away from what she did. I did speak with one of the owners the other night and told her what is going on and asked her not to mention it to anyone because like I said she will never admit it and I do not have proof, all the girls in the salon like her, and I will end up looking like the a-hole. But the owner I spoke with is also one of my clients and she has seen the dramatic difference in my nails. Also, one of the hairdressers that works at the salon (that gets her nails done by the theif) mentioned to me the other night that her nails have never looked so good, lasted so long, and she swears that (theif) put something different in the product this time. That was it for me and put me over the edge. I really don't know what to do. What should I do? Honestly, even if she does get caught, I can't see them firing a renter. They need her income. Please help. I am not sleeping at night from all the stress she has put me under. I have two of the salon clients coming to my house this week so I can soak their nails off and give them a new set! I'm trying to make things right. If you were in this situation, what would you do??? Should I quit? Confront the girl? I'm at a loss :cry:
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to be honest i think you should leave but ... first i would be so mad i would want proof , put a hidden camaera up:eek: , accidently knock her powder over and leave your brand new one as you will tell her (which has been switched for some really cheap nasty stuff) and see if she does the same :lol:

voila you have proof and will teach her a lesson, that ther is people out there that know exactley what she is up to , and that she will be caught out again if she does it :lol:

now i know what i am saying sounds petty but this is what i would do personally, because i would be so bloomin mad that the person had done it , how nasty is she anyway :rolleyes:

hope you get it sorted hun xxxx
How shameful is she. I would get a hidden camera, get the proof if you can and take it further. xx:hug:
I'd fill a pot with talc or something similar and leave it with your products and sit back and giggle my pants off when she tried to produce P&W with it. Get some really cheap powders from ebay and leave them in your old pots and see what happens.

It is s nightmare haveing to carry your products with you but I would seriously not leave them at the salon and risk having this happen again.

What a complete cow.

I'd want to leave too, have you somewhere else you can go? What about starting to work from home (if some clients are coming to you because of the problem) untill you can find a placement somewhere else.

As for the cow.....fill some powder pots with talc (fragrance free by the way!) and fill a monomer bottle with water and add a touch of purple food colouring or whatever, depends on colour your real stuff. Leave them so she could steal and watch with delight when she tries to do a set!

I would also, when you get a chance when she's left, or something, go and switch back your drill handset for her old one & then I'd engrave my name on it or a mark to tell that it's yours.
im with the others, i would get baking powder or fragrance free talk and put it in a pot for her to see then i would add a little bit of monomer to water (need the smell) and leave that for her too, theaving cow needs to be caught and you have to crafty to do it, also do as suggested and change the hand set back and scratch your name in to it, dont use marker pen as even permanent marker can be removed with polish remover
good luck hun, let us know how you get on:hug:
How shameful is she. I would get a hidden camera, get the proof if you can and take it further. xx:hug:

i would do this...that way you can humiliate her and she will have no excuse to hide what she done...xxlet us know how you get on xx
Hi, Kitkat68,

Sorry to hear that, I would be at boiling point. I was so angry for you I haven't read the replies, (but will after this)

Can you not buy one of the petty cash boxes or anything that you can lock and store your products in there. Then you can go home with a peace of mind that if she does do it again, you can proof that it was theft.

i would try my best to catch her in the act or give her talc and coloured water

then i would leave

stealing is very low and way out of order
I would follow the advice given when you asked this same question a few days ago:

I typed a long response this morning and windows update restarted my computer so I lost the reply!:rolleyes:

I'm glad you posted this Theresa, as I won't bother retyping what I was going to respond with except for -

I understand why some people would retaliate in the way they have stated BUT to be truthful, I think IMHO it is easier to "give her enough rope and she will hang herself" as the old saying goes!

whatever happens I hope it gets sorted out!
It's a bit extreme to call her a thief. The only 'evidence' you have so far is that her nails are better than yours.

If you really feel sure she's up to something then I suggest you do this: Stuff your mouth full with cotton wool, take her aside and whisper in her ear something about her waking up next to a horses head if she so much as glances at your things again. CAPICHE?
Thanks guys, the talc thing is a possibility. Actually, I did not ask this question a few days ago. A few days ago I was looking for a sympathetic ear. Now that I know for sure what the girl has done, I was looking for advice as to what I should do about it. And My nails are better than Hers, when I'm using my own product! I'm locking everything up now, and bringing some stuff home with me, but even when I go to pee, things are locked up. It sucks to have to work this way, but I am waiting for her to get caught because it will be so worth it.
can you not just say to her, have you borrowed my powder as this is not mine? just to see what she says? you stick up for yourself and let her know you know she is stealing! if you saw someone robbing a house and knew who they were you wouldnt keep quiet would you so dont do it to yourself, you deserve more than that!! tell her you know she is doing it, and then do the talc thing that sounds halarous!
Many years ago when I worked in the office, someone left a small hand held dictaphone turned on in a locked drawer and caught someone stealing. Just a thought. :)
I think, you're best not to confront her IF you want to catch her out. The dictaphone thing is a great idea - but a camera would be even better.

IF you confront her she will probably be on guard for a while - although a rat always goes back to their habits eventually.
i would say nothing and just leave little traps for her. the talc sounds good.
i think it is shameful that somebody would steal from a work collegue.
let us know what you decide to do.
Update: I am now locking everything up even when I go to the bathroom, so she knows I am aware of it. I did leave one of my powders mixed with baking powder in one of my drawers, but since everything has been under lock and key it has sting operation written all over it. Fact of the matter is, there are two owners that own the salon, I told one of the owners what was going on, she is convinced and so is her daughter. I also asked her not to mention any of this to the other owner because the other owner could cause trouble for me (not believing me, making the situation more tense etc...) But all weekend I was removing and replacing people's nails and I still have about 5 more clients to go and I'm really sick of this stupid story I am telling people that my "product was left on the delivery truck and the chemical compounds were comprimised". At first I didn't want to say anything because I have no physical proof nor will the girl admit it. But the more I think about it, the more I want her confronted. It just seems like she is getting away to easy on this. Oh I'm sure she still won't admit it, would you admit if you were stealing from a coworker, tampering with their equipment, replacing their product with your own and purpously comprimising their work to make you look better? How embarrassing!!! Of course she won't admit it, but I still want her to know that I know what she did, and I want the salon to replace my drill handpiece that she stole from me and replaced with one of her old ones. I don't even care if I lose this job from causing a ruckas, I already have one foot out the door anyway! :!:
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