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Jan 9, 2003
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Who has the worst enhancements you have ever seen in TV, Magazines, Movies, or Radio... um... if you could see them.

I see em all the time. Mrs. Geek and I will be watching a film or the tube and then suddenly... ugh... look at her freaky nails. Completely detracts from whatever the hell your supposed to be watching/reading.

The OK nails from awhile back still take the cake for me. Why? Cause they must of thought they looked so hot to take that shot.

For those with short memory... here is the pic:


I cannot think of any bad nail enhancments from movies or TV. Pink and Gwen Stephanie have some really cool looking nails when they get them done for show.

But I think the worst natural nails I have ever seen was from "Lord of the Rings". I just love Elijah Wood...I have followed his carear since he was a kid..but he had the WORST bitten, chewed, gnawed on nails I have ever seen on the big screen. You think they would have got a finger nail double for him or something. Poor kid.

Oh I got one....from "Lord of the Rings", Galadrial the Elf and the white wizard Saruman had some pretty stupid looking nails. They looked like freaky press on nails... Guess nail technology is not big in New Zealand.
You mean theese? :)



guess they fit the part eh? Dont know of too many hobits that wore Forever French :)
Ugh, they're truly revolting! Think I'm going to go and throw up now :pukeoff:
Dont know of too many hobits that wore Forever French
Geek you aint met my boss :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
LMAO! Gloria, that was a good one! :D
I can't think of any bad nails, but I do remember Cher's long nails from the Sonny & Cher show! I can just see her holding the mic with those claws wrapped around it!
Well I must say those OK nails to take the biscuit lol
OMG if those where mine I would be wearing gloves lol
Also I am still trying to get my head around those nails in Footballers Wifes (Tanya) was there a competition going on to c who could have the longest French tips lol.
I must admit I am allways looking at nails and cant help being finding fault (not that mine are perfect)
Take care all xxxx
i have to say that the worst i have seen so far have to be the ones from the ok magazine that the geek posted

Eastenders the TV Soap
Pauline Fowler French tips. they where awfull
Peggy Mitchell French tips. they where even more awfull.

Love Ruth
Now it's interesting that you mention Peggy Mitchell, because I think I'm right in saying that she goes to Supernails in London...........hmmmm, not so sure of Pauline Fowler though :?

Adele ;)
Yes Peppercorn, you are right she has gone to Supernail for years. Caroline Sears from Backscratchers has an 'equity card' (for acting) and knows her personally! I'd love for her to see what we could do!!! No offense meant Caroline! ;)
I can't think of any bad ones... but Pink and the girls from Destiny's Child always have fab nails & art!
All i need to say is DEIDRE BARLOW in coronation god they're awful!
I am always driving my dh crazy saying man she is on TV you would think she could afford a will have to pay more attention to who they are and jot them down! I have noticed in some movies the nails are inconsistent, one scene we have pink and whites the next scene they might be chewed nubs of finger, very distracting!!
nailmania said:
All i need to say is DEIDRE BARLOW in coronation god they're awful!

What a classic comment - our 10yr old is Corro mad at the mo - never looked that close a DB's nails!!! How funny that we are so obsessed! ;)
Does anyone remember the nails in 'Interview with a Vampire'?? OR WHAT ABOUT those nails in the Robin Hood film (the one with Alan Rickman as the Sherrif of Nottingham) on the witch?? I always remember her stirring some revolting concoction with a HORRID hooked nail. :pukeon: :D

I was far to busy watching Brad Pitt to look at the nails!!! :fire:

and when it stirred that concoction it sizzled and spat - Alan Rickman was AWSOME in that film!!! ;)
Well one of the worst hands and nails I have seen belong to Ms Lena White who sits all smug on QVC extolling the virtues of OPI polishes and in particular the wonder product, Nail Envy, with hands and nails that one would expect to find belonging to a dustbin man. You can gather that I am not impressed. Sorry Ms White! :?
... make comment but I won't. ;)
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