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May 25, 2003
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hi everyone
is anyone else having trouble getting on to the site ....several times over the weekend and again this morning i have had a white page come up that says something along the lines of the page cannot be displayed .the web site you are trying to reach maybe experiencing technical difficulties !!!! if i leave it for a while and logon again i can get on it the site or is it my pc objecting to the fact that i look at the site so often :biggrin:
well it is the best site on the web

I'v never had trouble like that but i did have a nasty virus attach it self to my favourites list and every time i tryed comming here i ended up looked and things a girl shouldn't look at....

It was insurance and not what you were thinking !!

I have similar problems all the time - most mornings when I first log on I can see the list of new threads and replies but when I click on one to read it in full I cannot see anything and get the same white page unavailable message you saw too.

Over this weekend I had quite a few problems getting on to the site too - I use broadband so it's not my dial-up connection being too slow.

I usually leave it for 5 minutes and come back and it's fine :sad:
iv also been getting the whit page,
and if i try to log in at home pages computer crashes:(
Hi just putting in my bit lol!!!
mines been doing this a bit lately, it's not this site it's generally your internet connection. Sometimes there may be technical problems with your isp or sometimes u just need to refresh your connection!!!
This happens to me!!! I switch on the computer, connect to the internet, then click my homepage (geek site of course). At first it comes up but then after a few minutes it does the white page thing. I keep refresing every minute or so then eventually I get the geek site back.

This used to happen after I'd already logged on and I thus lost all new threads.. they changed to read instead unread....... so now I have to wait for it all to settle before I log on. Sometimes it can take 10 minutes another time 20.

If I disconnect the internet then reconnect I'm ok... its when I connect after the computer has been shut down for a bit.

Also I'm finding that sometimes when I've been on the site for some time:o then the same thing happens... it goes through a white page, can't find etc... thing again.

Verrrrrrrry wierd
This almost always has to do with your ISP (as was previously mentioned). It is far more pronounced and occurs more frequently if you use a modem/dial up account.

Each page has a lot of stuff on it, but there is no reason for it not to display anything at all. When you surf via dial up, you share your 56k line with about 50 other people. If they are all trying to download at the same time... no one is going to be getting anything ;)

The only time the site has been down recently was a couple of days ago I restarted the web server for some new settings to take place.
It's really odd as I have a 512k broadband connection and use a few other forums and rarely have problems with them - I'm not saying it's not my ISP (it's NTL - also known as NTHELL :evil: ) but it's only the geek site I tend to have regular problems with :sad:
Just a thought, try clearing your Temp internet files, history and cookies from your browser................
A bit like a tidy up, also do any of you geeks defrag ????
This can speed up your pc performance...................
Defrag puts all the used files back to where they should be on your hard drive...........

Just a thought.....
Hubby works in IT - if the cat sits still long enough she gets defraged :eek:
oh bless, but hey at least she is a tidy cat, not one hair out of place then lol..............
whelp, dont know what to tell you.
A Page Unavailible can be a myraid of things. Most likely one of the hops to or from my site are timing out, but this would have to do with the various computers that shuttle the pages to and from you.

Next time you are having problems, try doing a trace route by clicking start->run then type in cmd then click OK. When the black box of evil appears, type in:
And press enter. There you can watch all of the jumps your computer makes to get to my server and back. Chances are it is one of those that are failing. Not a lot you are going to be able to do about that... sorry :(

Ill keep an eye on the logs... but basically, we browse via ADSL or a T2 connection and I have never had a problem.
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