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Jan 12, 2003
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Greven, Germany
Well my friends,
Faye aka nailsinlondon2 had her 12 week scan today and all went well...............
Well appart from........just kidding..................
IT'S TWINS......................
So now we are twice as exited and twice as happy...................
Had to share this...........
So it's not peanut any more it's peanuts lol............
oh wow!! congrats to faye and to you ruth! bet she nearly fell of the scan bed when they told her that :shock:

i have twin bro and sis and they literally were both a bundle of joy! i wont even tell you what theyre a bundle of now :twisted: :twisted: at thirteen yrs old lol

congrats again to faye :D

collette xx
well as i type this i am still in a state of shock i am over the moon wasnt sure how steve would be about it but he is really looking forward to it so i wont complain will keep you all updated on how i go

love faye and babies xxxxxxxxx
oh wow, thats just doubly brilliant news, I`m always a bit jealous when I hear of twins, I so badly wanted twins myself, can`t think why.
Glad you and babies doing well
OMG faye i nearly fell of my chair had to read the great news twice :goal: thats fantastic you will be a busy girl :thumbsup: you'll love it being a mum is a fantastic job ;)
Congrats Faye,
What wonderful news,you must be soooo happy :D
Take care
Hey hunnibunni :o :D

Lovely scan pics hun, you've really cheered me up ;)

Congratulations...again...lol! :D


congratulations faye....2 ickle babies to keep you busy, you lucky thing :D ......time to see the bank manager though, now you have to buy 2 of everything...lol :D

can i be the first to have a wild guess.... i think you will have 2 little boys :p ;)

take care of yourself and your double bump

:goal: :goal:

woohoo. 2 fayettes ;)
Fabulous news Faye Im soooooo happy for you!
Look after yourself!
Ooooh! You are so lucky!

I have twin step-brothers and they were the cutest little blighters ever!

Now if you come to Leeds you'll probably be looking for a babysitter who is used to looking after multiple children! Maybe someone who used to work as a Nursery Nurse........Hint: ME! :D

Big Congrats from Yorkshire babe!

BN03 XX (one each!)
Congratulations Faye - what a shocker!!!

I am pregnant myself and i think i would be in a state of panic if i was told i was having twins - but overjoyed

Double work, double trouble but overall double excitement double milestones and double enjoyment!!!!!

Good luck - and enjoy every minute!!!!!

Best wishes

didi and bump
OMG Faye!!!! :shocker: :pale: :hic: .... that was my first thought but, then it was 8) :sunny: :thumbsup: .... twice the joy!

Best wishes to both you and Steve .... keep keepin' us posted ;)
Congrats Faye and Ruth.

My beautiful twin girls are 7 next week - where has the time gone.

Anything you want to know just ask - been there, done that and got sick on the T-shirt LOL.

They certainly are not twice the work, twice the trouble but definately twice the joy, twice the hugs LOL
Congratulations Faye :fire: Thats wonderful news!

I haven't got any kiddies myself yet but there are loads of twins in my family and my generation (the grandchildren) hasn't seen any twins yet so you can imagine what would happen when I decide to have kids!

Just wait til they start kicking away! I wonder if they'll be identical?? ooooooh how exciting :revolve:

All the best and plenty of rest :!:

xx Tamm
WOW!!! what a fab introduction to motherhood! Big hugs to you :)

What a surprise :shock: lol!
Lucky you, hope you are feeling well and not icky and have lotsa rest when you feel like it.

love Sarah x
Faye sawasdee ka

I very very happy when i read about you have twin and you so lucky have twin and i very very happy when i see make me laugh i want before same but no have but in my aunties have many twin same you .

Kop khun ka mui ka
Wow, fantastic news! I think twins are adorable, twice the fun. Take care of yourself and your little ones :)

Wow, twins ....... NailsInLondon 3 & 4 in the making :D

Congrats Faye, hope your pregnancy goes smoothly with not too much of the sicky bits.

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