Vinylux - any Xmas sparkles on the way?


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Jun 14, 2011
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Having a lot of success with vinylux, me and most of my clients are very impressed with the colours and staying power, but as the xmas period draws closer was wondering if there are any festive shades on the way?? Something like zillionare or maybe ruby ritz?? I have grapefruit sparkle which is very pretty, but a fine glitter coat to put over dark shades without changing the actual colour would be great!!!! Iykwim :)

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I'm sure they will b bringing out Christmassy colours :) I think they are really good at updating the colours all the time!! :)xxx
I would have thought if there were going to be any holiday collections we would know about them by now, but i would be happy to be surprised!

Don't forget you can use additives/glitter/foil with vinylux for in salon services.

Not sure how to work that for retailing though.

Glitter on CND Vinylux - YouTube
I would love a glitter in vinylux just something like mother of pearl or zillionaire would be fine, using loose glitter can be messy and i think you need to use 2 topcoats so as not to feel bumpy x
yeah, you can see in that fingernail fixer video , side on her nails look pretty gritty!!
Yeah ive been googling and looking on you tube about using loose glitters, foil with vinylux etc and will definitely be having a play! . But a glitter topcoat ie zillionaire for shellac/vegas nights for gelish is really popular with my clients, just a hint of sparkle that still shows up the colour underneath is just enough for some. I suppose we could maybe add some holographic glitter to some vinylux topcoat and paint over chosen colour?? Without compromising the product?? Maybe someone in the know could verify

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Thanks for reminding us about this, I had forgot, going to make a glitter top coat :Love: x

Ohhhh can we do this?? Which additive is best to add for glitter top coat?!
Great news! Well Im thinking for what I want I might try irresistible holographic silver glitter, the additives seem to be a sort of mix of shimmer and glitter and may mask the colour underneath still. Thanks for the advice :) xxx

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I think I might try this with the pinkies size topcoat to give it try fab idea ladies ! 😄
Just a heads up. Not all glitters are solvent resistant.
I tried to be clever and make my own glitter topcoat with pink irresistible glitter a few months ago and all of the colour came off of the glitter and turned my topcoat pink. Bare it in mind if you decide to use coloured glitters Xx

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