What courses have you taken so far and what are you planning to do in the future?


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Sep 14, 2005
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So far I have completed
Vctc level 2 manicure / pedicure
Vctc level 2 advanced nail techniques (artificial nails)
Vctc level 2 Nail Art

Creative Nail Design Conversion course

Ezflow Conversion course

and I booked on an Nsi conversion at gmex also as I was using their products when we had the shortage .
So thought I'd book on that because It was offered to me ....oh and it was free lol,
(and I think its best that if you are going to use a certain product...then have some training in it x)
Now I am thinking where I would like to go from here...
I know I would like to do the Ezflow design class next..

Then what or where .......

I know I would like to push , push , push as hard and as far as I can ...
I certainly think I have caught the "education bug "

I want a list longer than my arm one day of all my achievements lol...

I am also hoping to complete my waxing qualification next year..
I was sooooo close to getting it , so might aswell go for it...another string to my bow..
But beauty is not the route I want to follow...Just nails for me ..

I just think its a waste of months if i don't get this waxing qualification :lol:

So what have you done ?
and what have you booked or planned to do next ?
Then finally where do you hope to be one day ?

One day a long way off..when my kids are all grown up..
I would like to maybe be educated enough to become an educator ...and pass my passion on to other budding techs..who really want to learn ..

Or do media work ...no not for fame (coz lets face it ...i wont be famous for scraping none living tissue from a famous persons nail plate lol )
But for the variety or ..dashing here and there etc....
I don't know enough about this area to 100% say YES I WANT TO DO THAT...but it doesn't interest me greatly .

So come on....that's me done ...what about you ?
well, I have done many different massage and holistic courses, my most popular treatments are back massage and reflexology. I have also done a few more beauty courses, such as body wraps, pedicure (although don't practice it), holistic facial.

this year I completed an auricular acupuncture course.

I want to do a threading course as think it would complement my ayurvedic therapies.

also, will probably do the level 2 auricular acupuncture course early on next year, and possibly do some inhouse training with geramaine de cappacinni which would be body scrubs and wraps (although already trained in them).
To date I have done:

CIDESCO aromatherapy
Mama Mio Maternity Massage
Elemis training (face and body)
Dermalogica training (face and body)
St. Tropez spray tanning
Complete works training (OPI)
Complete foundation (OPI)
Studex ear piercing
Indian Head Massage Diploma

Booked to do:

Perron Rigot waxing training

I want to do everything - I want to learn as much as possible but I am running out things I really want and can afford to do, so I will be watching this thread with interest to get some ideas,

Great thread,

Becki xxx
my ayurvedic therapies.
a whaty what ??? lol
in a more sensible reply lol...could you please tell me what ayurvedic therapy is please :green:
Well....let me think....LOL

VTCT Beauty Therapy Level 2 comprising of Skin care,Manicures,Pedicures,Lash and brow tinting,Depilation,Make up.

VTCT Level 3 Beauty Therapy:Electrical Facials,Epilation,Swedish massage,theatrical and media make up.
VTCT Ear Piercing
VTCT Aromatherapy Massage
VTCT Indian Head Massage
VTCT Sports and Remedial Massage
VTCT Hot stone massage
VTCT Baby Massage
OPI conversion manicure and pedicure
OPI absolute L&P course
Jessica level 2 certificate in natural nail care
CND conversion in manicure and pedicure

Decleor,Elemis,Babor,Clarins,Karin Herzog,Aveda,La Phyto,Academie Scientifique De Beaute certs in skin care....never got my Academie certificate though....."the curse of Hyp....n:eek::lol:

ID Bare Escentuals Make Up
Aveda Make up

For 2008,nails are going to be a big investment for the salon,learning VTCT along side a professional nail company to complet the NVQ along side it as it is internationally recognised....well it is for me as red tape in France can get "shady".

I love learning new techniques,looking at something new and keeping an open mind:)

I think about my clientele,what thier needs are,what i can do to enhance the treatment menu more....

I would dearly love to distribute Academie,it is seriously lacking in the UK market,which is a shame.
I will not lose sight though:green:

Great thread!!!
Ayurvedic therapies
Ayurveda is the Indian/Tibetan lifestyle to aid good life, health and longevity.
Translated it means the science of life.

They believe that if you eat properly, exercise, drink plenty of water, sleep well, eliminate their bowels frequently and have regular massage, that that is the way to a long healthy life.

Indian/Tibetan ayurveda believes that you are made up of 3 doshas/humours, pitta, kapha, vata in India, phlegm, bile and wind in Tibet. To be healthy you should have a good balance of the doshas/humours, but our lifestyle puts us out of balance. You find your dominant dosha/humour and use diet, exercise and massage to re-balance it.

Ayurvedic therapies are a collection of Indian/Tibetan massage techniques which involves using herbs, but mostly herbalised oils and lots of it.

The herbalised oils are a collection of herbs and spices boiled in 60 litres of water which is reduced down to 4 litres, its mixed with 4 litres of plain oil to make a pungent herbalised oil.

You can also get pitta oil, vata oil and kapha oils, which you would then use as part of your massage treatment.

Treatments range from an oiled seated massage, an oiled massage with 1 or 2 therapists, a massage using herb bundles (bolus), 3rd eye stream - warm oils poured over the 3rd eye, a dry powder massage to aid good skin condition and as a package used as a slimming aid, facial massage using marma points, specialised foot massage using chakra points, massage using silk gloves, massage with warmed buttermilk or oil, and lots more.
Well I have had a couple of very busy years. I started out in November 05 with my first course in the nail industry and got the bug.

Nov 05 CND L&P Foundation
Feb 06 CND Spa
Apr 06 CND Brisa Induction
July 06 CND Fabric Induction
CND Sculpting classes
CND One2Ones
CND Skill Building x 4
All the CND Master Classes
CND Master L&P Sept 07

NVQ3 Nail Tech 06
NVQ3 Electrolysis 06

All private company training:-
Hive Eye Treatments Course 06
Depilatory Waxing
Special Occasion Makeup
Facial and Facial Massage 06
Tantrick Training & Teacher Training
Indian Head Massage
NSI Efile training
Airbrushed Nail Art
Airbrushed Body Art
Freehand Nail Art
Hot Stone Massage
Hopi Ear Candles
Systems of Analysis (Body & Face)

VTCT Beauty Specialist Techniques 07 completed
Course covered:
Manicure, pedicure, eyelash perming, eyelash and brow tinting, St Tropez manual tan, Deplatory waxing in warm and hot wax, Facials, Make Up.
VTCT Swedish Massage 07 completed
VTCT Level 3 Aromatherapy - currently at college
VTCT A&P - currently undertaking (distant learning)

I think that is it.. !

I am hoping to take on Reflexology next year.

Started out doing only nails and very soon found myself drawn down the beauty rout. I am totally hooked on doing the training and I am sure there are still lots of courses out there that I would be interested in, especially on the holistic side of my business.
VTCT Body massage
VTCT Aromatherapy massage
ITEC Reflexology
VTCT Indian Head Massage
Hot Stone Massage
Cupping and moxibustion
Body Wrapping
Gena Pedicure
Indonesian Massage
Spa Rituals (body scrubs)
Tibetan Acupressure Head Massage
Vertical Reflexology
Korean Hand Massage
Thai Seated Massage
IAIM Baby Massage
Crystal Therapy Level 1
Hopi Ear Candles
Holistic Facial
Auricular Acupuncture Detox protocol
Reiki 2nd degree
Shirodhara (3rd eye drip)
Shirobhyanga (seated oiled massage)
Ahbyanga (oiled massage 1 or 2 therapists)
Padabhyanga (foot massage)
Kati Vasti (warm oil placed in dough dam)
Pinda Sweda (herbal bag massage)
Udwarthanam (dry powder massage)
Stress Management
Certificate of Education
Assessors qualifications
Wish I hadn't started the thread now lol...my few little qualifications...look a bit erm.......rubbish hahahaa :green:

Oh well.....the list can only get longer .

Well done to all of you...
I am picking thigs up as we go along lol,that I would like to do :lol:
she beat me to it i was going to say em's ask jen how many courses she has been on as her wall is wall to wall certificates xxxxxx
ALL "creative courses"
CND One2Ones
competition training

OPI conversion (clarite and absolute)
NSI e-file
EDGE (trained at college)

spray tan
airbrush nail art
airbrush body art
airbrush hair art

Private training
ear piercing
hopi ear candling
brazillian waxing

body electrics
dermalogica facials
indian head massage
swedish massage
aromatherapy massage
st.tropez manual tan
Crystal Therapy Level 1

cant think of any more of the top of my head tho.........................................
well, don't you lot make me look like a novice:lol:
Creative foundation
creative nail art
creative sculpting and trouble shooting
NSI 121 Sculpting and conversion
essential nails air brush course

I would like to learn gel nails, just cant make up my mind which ones so I will take Angel fingers up on her kind offer to show me all the different ones she does and then I can pick the one that suits me best.
Fabric/wraps I am curious about them
Pedicure course, but I need to find a product line that doesn't use a lot of mint.
In general I find I like 121 courses better then group courses and when I do a course I find my education direction changes or rather what I want from my education changes.
Ultimately I want to sculpt good nails all the time from a home studio and not drive a coach at all.
Yes I think that an NVQ is the way to go but how I will get there is another matter.
Looking at those lists' of courses makes me feel blah:cry:

I have my DEP in Cosmetology (2yr course)
I have my Diploma in Gel-Resine (aka dip)
I have my Diploma in UV Gel

I want:
Beginners in L&P (to relearn some of what I learned in my DEP from 20yrs ago,usually for those with no DEP in cosmetology and no knowledge of nail enhancments but I know I'm rusty in some areas and some things have changed over the years... etc)
Intermediate L&P
Advanced L&P

After that, I'm not quite sure.... but I want the equivalence of "Masters" where you all are.
Training in Quebec is not quite the same.
I just know I have much to learn to get where I'm going.

I want to be 'TOP NOTCH' and eventually teach. I want to compete too on a big scale.
I want to open a place where I have a junior tech or two working with me. I want to offer enhancement services unlike anything found around here.

Got my car now, next big step...... my L&P course!:green:
(Maybe I can con people into paying for it, for christmas??? LOL)
So far:

Diploma Therapuetic Massage (London College of Massage)
Indian Head Massage
No Hands Massage (Foundation, Practitioner & Advanced Practitioner)
No Hands Massage - On-Site Massage
Hopi Ear Candles
Basic Waxing

Training I'm currently planning:
Jing Massage Hot Stone and Medical Holistic Massage
Male Brazillian Waxing

Also interested in Tantrick and Dermalogica, but need to get more set with current treatments and planed expansion is research if they would work for me.
so by the looks of it - no-one has any qualifications then :lol: come on girls - dont be shy, even if you have only taken a few courses, dont mean they dont count for summit.

hmmm well so far i've got:

vtct level 2 nail treatments
vtct level 2 nail technology
vtct level 2 nail art
vtct nvq level 3 in nails services (with BT31 tanning treatments)
conversion course for ezflow
conversion course for backscratchers extreme
vtct level 2 beauty consultancy: fashion/photographic makeup
vtct level 2 face & body painting
ocn level 2 artistic & special effects makeup
vtct level 3 diploma in theatrical & media makeup

then i'm planning to do hollywood lashes training (must ring them tomorrow to see when they're running courses) within the next few months.

a hair-dressing course, but not as in cutting, I mean setting and dressing the hair for weddings and proms. Did the basics (washing, blowdrying, straightening, curling) in my makeup course as well as dressing the hair out from heated rollers but it doesnt mention it on the certificates, it just refers to makeup, so i'd like something that proved I can do what i can do, if you get what I mean.

at some point i'd like to do wigmaking - started to learn the knotting as part of my makeup course but then the tutor left so we never learnt how to actually sew the lace together around a head block.

oh, and I want to see about this new method of applying nail enhancements :D

eventually, i'd like to open a salon, maybe even a training college one day, but thats a long way off lol.
Creative Courses
: Foundation L&P
: Brisa Conversion
: Fabric Conversion
: Skill Building
: Spa Manicure & Pedicure

Im a fully qualified Complimentary Therapist aswell but I dont do anything with it!
Ooh err, what the Male Brazillian Waxing consists, of?? back sack n' crack or something else. I am intrigued.:)
Ooh err, what the Male Brazillian Waxing consists, of?? back sack n' crack or something else. I am intrigued.:)
The back is not the back it is the bum cheek area, the sack is the scrotum and the crack is the crack between the bum cheeks hth
see i was listening Andy lol :hug:

I have done
CND Foundation course
CND skill building course
NSI E-file course
Hive waxing courses
waxing work shop with axiom
Couture spray tanning
I-Lash designer course
that's all i can remember off the top of my head (sure i have forgot one or two)

i have booked
Ezflow conversion course
Ezflow design coloured acrylic course
there are far too many courses to list of what i want to do,
i want to do my masters with CND and i want to do the NVQ for nail services, these are the two major ones at the mo
Ok well I wont go into what all my courses consist of because to me that feels a bit:eek:
VTCT level 2 beauty therapy
VTCT level 3 beauty therapy
VTCT aromatherapy massage
IIHHT level 3 Swedish body massage
VTCT level 2 Indian Head massage
Certificate Indian Head massage
Diploma Caflon Ear piercing
Star nails nail enhancementsVF21 LITE
VTCT Creative nail enhancements,silk,gel and L&p
St Tropez tanning
Bio ultimate Gold(Micro current and facial training)
Darphin training
Advanced intimate body waxing course
121 with Jaqui Jefford
Think that's it...

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