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Mar 22, 2005
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Well guys as most of you know know the Tantrick brand has now been taken over by Collin and Britta Brooker of Wow Products and they will continue to provide you all with the most fantastic Tantrick Solution, machines and training. I have been there to help with the hand over and to ensure they are completely up to date with anything Tantrick and now it is time for me to move on!

I have decided the New Year is the best time to make a fresh start and have chosen a completely new career path. I have recently started my new job as a Sales Executive for a signage company in Cardiff where I will be supplying . . . yes you have guessed it!!! . . . signs!!!! These will range from magnetic graphics and vehicle wraps for cars, to complete provision of signs for external and internal signs for prestigious buildings, offices, salons etc.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the past six years or so in the beauty industry especially meeting so many really lovely people who have been involved with Tantrick, be them trainers, agents, customers, or clients, the amount of people both Stu and I have met has been tremendous of the years and have had many memorable experiences, one of which will stick in my mind forever and that is when I agreed to let a trainee use here compressor and airbrush in the training session which set the Spa's fire alarms off and the whole hotel needed to be evacuated - a few red faces there I can tell you lol!.

The Salon Geek has been a truly wonderful site and a credit to Sam and Samantha whose hard work and dedication to the industry is obvious to us all - thanks guys!!

Thanks to you all for your business, your endless support and for just being there as it is such a great community on here, even thought at times it can get "interesting" with different views but it shows that we can all be impartial and will all share our knowledge with each other. Best of all I love the humour and support everyone shares here!!

Anyway, I want to wish you all the very best and bid everyone a fond farewell. . . .

Mandy xx
aww good luck hun , hope you enjoy your new job xxx
I wish you all the best in your new career path BUT please stop by every now and again :hug::hug:
Sorry to see you go Mandy... all the best to you both for the future :hug:

Drop by now and again to catch up with us all xxx
Nooooo, don't goooooo!!

Your shoes will be hard to fill, Mandy - yourself and the team at Tantrick really set the standard in excellent customer care, but I'm sure you will continue to shine brightly in whatever you put your mind to and I know the folks at Wow will do a good job.

Thank you so much for all your hard work, your passion for the industry (which you so freely and willingly shared with us), and for your support and encouragement to myself and others over the years. You have been an inspiration.

Best of luck and warmest wishes for whatever the future brings, and I hope to see you for that coffee when I finally make it up to Wales! :hug:

Andy x
Good luck with the new career Mandy x
best of luck with everything :)
i wish you all the best for the future
Best wishes in your new venture Mandy, and thank you for all your help and advice when I chose Tantrick to train with. You will do well. xx
Oh Mandy - I cant believe you are leaving the industry totally! After all the commitment and compassion you have shown us but I suppose you know when you are ready to move on.

I wish you all the best in your future career and look forward to hearing how it all goes.

x x x
Best wishes for your new venture Mandy :hug:
best of luck to you huni xxxx:hug:
All the best to you Mandy!! xxx
:hug:Don't really know what to say except a HUGE heartfelt THANK YOU from me personally. You really truly will be missed xxxxxxx:hug:

I wish you only the VERY VERY BEST for your future because YOU truly deserve only good things xxxxxxxxxxx
Wishing you the very best of everything Mandy :hug:
Good luck with your new career Mandy.....hope everything goes well for you and yours xxx
Good luck Mandy in your new career :hug:
Mandy thanks for all your help and advice you give me when i started with Tantrick!

Wish you all the best in your new job



Can i message you on facebook if i have a tan question??

All the best Mandy. I hope your new career is prosperous and happy!

Graeme, my husband and I, have an engraving, signage and graphics company too and spends his time on the 'nailgeek' equivalent for signage....fondly in this house known as the 'signgeek'!

If you want to pop your nose in and say hello to some people in your new industry he says you will be made most welcome.

Sign makers Help & Advice, Video Tutorials, Vehicle Wrapping, Vinyl Application, Sign Design, Digital Printing, Sign Fabrication and so much more.

They are currently involved in a big voluntary vinyl printing and cutting effort for the ward at Great Ormond Street that has successfully treated our daughters cancer so there are obviously some really great folk on there too!

Good luck, maybe our paths will cross this way too.
Although i do not know you personally i wish you every success:):hug: