And The Winner of the Ring Challenge is ...............................


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Apr 24, 2005
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Hertforshire, England
Melissaq with pic number 3. Congratulations Melissaq!

Dessi came in second with pic number 1 followed by RachyRoo with pic 2.

Once again, well done on all your hard and skilled work and thank you for entering. xx


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    Geek of Ring Finals Pic 1.JPG
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    Geek of Ring Finals Pic 2.jpg
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    Geek Of Ring Finals Pic 3.JPG
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Ooh congratulations!!!!
Well done. they are all lovely :hug:
WOOO well done every one xxxxxx great work
Well done everyone x
:hug:Well done Melissa
Well done and congratulations to all ,
they were all beautiful , it was a hard job to choose x :hug:
Congratulations Melissa, well done to you all, lovely work.
Beautiful nails you all worked very hard & produced some amazing designs, both for the nails & matching rings!! Very talented!! :)
Congratulations to all who entered.... (I had to let the side down unfortunately!) but all of the winning nails rings are lovely. :hug:
well done everyone :hug:
well done to both of you!! mine was by far the crappest - no way could i compete against you 2 talented girlys xxx
Well done, I couldn't have done one of those rings if it was to save my life!
Thanks everyone .....:hug::hug: and Congrats to the other girls as well...both of yours were amazing too ! I had some stiff competition !

I had fun producing not only the nails but the ring as well ....
and thanks to all the great encouragement I get from this site as well as the challenges ...with the nails I produced from this round I picked up 2 new clients ! and that is the best ever!!!!.....In fact I've had so much fun I have decided to make another ....challenge myself even more .......

Thank you again !:hug:
Well done ladies, I love the nails to:lol::hug:
Well done to all the nails and rings are fab:hug:
Congrats to all three of you, but especially to Melissa ... this one was my personal fave.
:) Well done mellisa, I think you are all winners :hug:
Well done to all three of you,
i think you are all winners for the effort put into the nails and rings,
i have to ask Dessi what did you use for the red tips, they are a stunning colour and effect, please share :hug:

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