Battle of the brussels - the final result is announced!


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which sprout is your favourite

  • sprout 1

    Votes: 23 54.8%
  • sprout 2

    Votes: 19 45.2%

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Jul 29, 2006
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Calgary - Alberta
Get your voting fingers out geeks! 2 very talented geeks have challanged each other to make a brussel sprout for either gel or acrylic, just for fun and to symbolise their love for brussels!

Please vote for you favourite! and I will announce the winnersNext Tuesday. Voting will close 12am GMT on Monday


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have to say they are both very good - well done to you both.

however my fave has to be the veggie sorry sprout patch. very original and very well done.
That was a hard choice, fantastic work, well done both of you :hug:
wow they are both fab , well done to both :green:
Both excellent - well done to you both.

Have to say its utterly madness, no other forum I've used have sprouts caused so much debate. I love it!
I've voted.
Even though everyone is aware how much I detest brussel sprouts, I have put my vote in.

Congrats to both entries ... excellent work!
I was the first to vote.... yay
Has that given it away? Oh well I liked them both.... you just wouldn't credit nails and sprouts having something in common.

Well done mystery sprout creators.... both very different and both very good in their own little way.... do you think this will catch on as nail art?

I've voted, but they were both fab!

Well done. Just goes to show how arty farty some of us are (sorry couldn't resist that) :lol:
I've voted, but they were both fab!

Well done. Just goes to show how arty farty some of us are (sorry couldn't resist that) :lol: always get one !!
Aren't they wonderful - I've cast my vote:)
the tallent of the geeks knows no end:) great work both of you, well done:hug:
:lol: that was so hard to choose, but after lots of oh ahs I did vote
well done to you both.

Lellipop: could I get my double barrell slingshot back please (bra) in case I need it for the next poll:lol:
I have voted too and went for the one that I thought looked most realistic.
Both very good, but sprouts ewwwwww, deffinitely without any shadow of doubt and catagorically banished for all eternity into room 101!!!!!!
Mmmm....they look good enought to eat! YUM YUM!
:green::green::green::green:both are fab:green::green::green::green:

Well done both of you and thank you for the poll xxx
Both fab well for sprouts that is which I still HATE :green: My vote is in xxxxx
What fun. I voted based on creativity and imagination and attention to detail. Absolutely fabulous! Well done to both of you. xx
Really good job people, congrats! Although, I have to say I cannot relate to the subject, because I've never even been in the same room with a sprout!!!

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