Dashing Diva "falling off"


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Jan 19, 2009
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On Tuesday I had a client and her 2 daughters who all had DD manicure on their hands and mum also had it on her toes.

I did everything as instructed, as I have done on numerous clients and myself. My own had lasted 2 weeks and I only had to re do them because I had used acetone and it had taken some varnish and whites off. Otherwise they would have lasted me at least 3 weeks.

Client text today to say all hers had fallen off, and 2 each from the daughters' nails. She added that her toes were intact though. I asked did she know how and she said 4 of hers came off while she was folding her washing and that one of the daughters lost hers when she was typing on the pc.

Any suggestions? Mum's nails were very short but the daughters' were what I would say were a perfect length.
Hi hun,
if you did everything you should have done, then the only thing I can think of is that maybe and that is just maybe, the DD where just a tad over the free edge and as they are not strong like a tip could have flipped the DD off and then she picked at the rest??? Just a thought?????
Fallen off???...Hmmm, highly unlikely,picked off mayby but I can't see how DD would be able to fall off :lol:.
Is there any chance you may have left a 'flappy bit' hanging off the free edge,that the clients may have been able to have a pick at?

Sounds like clients trying to pull a fast one to me.
Thank you for your prompt replies. I am also baffled by it. Falling off? Its as if client is saying one minute they are fine and the next look there they are on the floor. I can only think picking is the answer. I caught one of mine on the dorr and if they had been tips it would have ripped it off but when I looked, my french manicure was still intact.

I don't think there was any hanging over the edge maybe there was but I would have seen it when I filed the the little bit that gets left behind when you clip it off.
Then, I would say they are pickers.....if the sidewalls where flush and the free edge nice and flush then something else happend..... Nails systems are not indestructible, the all have a breaking point. Her toes are perfect, thats because her toes dont do what her fingers do... if you never had a problem before then you are doing nothing wrong.
I have had slightly mixed results with Dashing Diva. I have done my own (with Shellac) a few times and I seriously NEVER pick and I have had 2 fall off :lol: One.. I wrapped a parcel, took it to the post office, came home, realised one white tip was missing :eek: Two.. I literally noticed a white tip on the floor, picked it up and realised it had come off one of my nails. On both occasions the Shellac was still intact.

I think that Dashing Diva looks really easy, it looks like you can literally throw it on, but for the best long lasting result it does need to be applied absolutely perfectly. Which means perfect adhesion of the entire product. Any slight lift and it will deteriorate really quickly.

I have a client whose nails are quite flat and applying the Dashing Diva was quite tricky, because it prefers a curve. However, after realising this I am extra careful and they actually last really well. I have another client (who I know does not look after her nails) who seems to need a repair every few days.

Having lost a couple myself, I wouldn't automatically draw the conclusion that the client is a picker. She should be able to fold her laundry without losing a nail and to be honest I should be able to wrap a parcel without losing a nail. But it also depends what stress your fingertips are under the rest of the time... I am hardly a lady of leisure and I am always really chuffed when my nails last, which is most of the time but not all of the time, but as I said before, I never pick.

Have you decided what to do? I would put it right for her but if it happens again I would steer her away from Dashing Diva. Say that it works really well on some people but not on others and would she like to try x instead.
May I ask if you all used the glue that comes with the dashing diva??? Reason I ask is because I did my own nails, used gelbond and Shellac on top, and for the life of it I cannot find a place to pick it off LOL
May I ask if you all used the glue that comes with the dashing diva??? Reason I ask is because I did my own nails, used gelbond and Shellac on top, and for the life of it I cannot find a place to pick it off LOL
When I started using dashing divas I used the adhesive that came with it and had a few clients with it peeling off but since changing to gelbond had no problems as well.
Hi Don't know if this helps at all but I have flat, fan shaped nails and cannot get dd to stay on when using the adhesive which was supplied with the kit, am going to try gelbond and see how it goes (does stay on other people who have better natural nail shapes than mine though!)

How is gel bond applied, with a brush?
How is gel bond applied, with a brush?

GelBond is a 'gel' consistency and is applied from a tube with a nozzle. Gel Bond is la bomba of adhesives. :lol: Very easy to apply and completely non runny.
I think I will try the gelbond. Do I get it from Sweet Squared?

Zo zo, I suppose I just thought if I can keep the DD on for weeks then why can't others. I have said I will do them for her when she goes on holiday.
i too have the same problem with DD - some clients it works fab on, others say they 'fall off' after a few days.

I have tried to trouble shoot as to why they are coming off and think that it is the shape of clients nails that determines this. DD do not like flat beds.

As for the glue, i have used the dd glue and also have gelbond. Both work just as fine for me.

DD is great on toes though.
I would try DD and if it does not work out, then try the old creampuff yourself (if using shellac of course, and lets face it, who isnt!!)


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