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Mar 24, 2006
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For those geeks that use Dermalogica in your salons please can you tell me what their customer service and stock levels are like ?

I currently use Academie but am looking to phase it out as the amount of problems I had when I dealt with Hyperion were bad enough but now the Irish Distributors have cocked up to Ive had it with them !

The only problem I have with stocking Dermalogica is that there are three other salons in a 1 mile radius that stock it and I don't really want to start salon wars or compete for the same clients. I am on the outskirts of the town whereas the other salons are in the centre but im still not sure if its a good idea ? What do you think ?

If you have had any bad experiences with Dermalogica and don't want to post them please pm me as I don't want another nightmare supplier !

You should get it in. I have put why below.

I have dermalogica in my salon, they are brilliant. It sells itself, people walk off the street just to buy it!

There training is the best Ive ever known lots of support and its free!

Your salon details go onto dermalogica website - Ive already had 5 regulars that started coming.

Point of sale, bags and samples are free with every order. Posters etc are all eyecatching and nice.

Its unisex products so you dont need a seperate range for men.

Good luck
I like dermalogica products but they are sooo expensive to start up.
I like dermalogica products but they are sooo expensive to start up.

How expensive :rolleyes: ? i was wondering aswell to maybe go for dermatologica but if the start up is very expensive it,s kind of ... maybe NOT
How expensive :rolleyes: ? i was wondering aswell to maybe go for dermatologica but if the start up is very expensive it,s kind of ... maybe NOT

I think it is around £3,000.
I'm not a Dermalogica skin geek (yet) hope to be one day soon! I've looked at it for future planning, the £3k start up costs also gives you full access to their training programme - the foundation of which is five days full training! Also that is buying £3k of product, not a "joining fee". So its all stuff you can use in treatments or retail.
£3k is probably good value for a large salon but a one man band like me with limited resources couldn't get anywhere near that amount for start up.
£3k is probably good value for a large salon but a one man band like me with limited resources couldn't get anywhere near that amount for start up.

That would be waaaaaaay out of my budget aswell. For that amount of money i would rather get a permanent make-up course:lol: But that,s just me... Thanks for the info
It is a lot of money but ive spent not far off that faffing around with what ive got at the moment. I think you can pay in three installments to.

The training also interests me a great deal they do loads all year round.

Does anyone know what the customer service is like ?

I am a one man band (and damn proud of it) and I have Dermalogica, my start up was 3500 and I paid it in 3 installments (no more money.)

I was a little nervous that I had spent that much but I am SO overjoyed that I have. The product sells itself.

Anyway as for customer service I cannot fault them. Order befor 12pm you get next day delivery. Have a query about a product you ring a number and get all the advice you need, I have a client who is allergic to AHA's and they gave me a full list of products and advice within an hour.

My rep is absoultly fabulous, she comes every 8 weeks, and is so friendly I acually enjoy her visits. She isnt there to sell stuff, she helps me with displays, promos etc. She even helped me with my priclist revamp!!

I have not got one comlaint. In my opening order a product was missing I called up and said next day the product had arrived. I have had problems with other product houses questioning and hanging around for ages for the product to arrive.

They do fabulous promos for us as stockists which is great, none of my other stockists do this.

Hope this helps, any other questions pls ask,

Becki xxx

Ps. The training is fantastic i cant get enough of it!!!
just wanted to add i am a fully established derm salon, the set up cost to be an account holder is (if i remember rightly) £2700 or £3500 approx, for this price you get enough stock for 5 years bussiness which is no good cos it goes off......i did actually manage to get an account with them for £1500!!!!

i just phoned them up with precisely what i wanted and didnt want off of the product list, after a meeting with the rep, explained that i didnt need that much, and with no policy to say i couldnt they excepted the order and went ahead with the account...they did say i was the only person to ever do it!!! lol

i now get all promotional material, bonuses, freebies, and visits just like everyone that paid nearly 4k!!! my rep just sent me £80 in vouchers for my 1st b'day and is coming to the salon to do demos, bringing goodie bags!!!!

ive been on all the training and its brill...learnt loads of little tips and advice. also you will go on their website if people near you are searching for a derm salon!!

have a look at the uk website actually if you wanna learn more it really good..

it pays to push your luck a little xxx:hug:
Have you looked at Yonka? I would say that the products are really excellent. and you may not have compertition, I hope someone else can reply who have also used Yonka.

it really is fab

I have an Elemis salon and i took on Dermalogica in December to offer more results driven skincare and they have a really good acne range.

You can get a start up kit from £1500 but the one thats around £3000 is the best as you get your tester stand free and get to pay over three months, so you can start earning while you pay it off!!

They are really good with supplying, usually get within the next day or two when ordered, get a good amount of free samples and stuff and they help towards advertising costs. It is very rare anything is out of stock.

When I got my order in December, I was going to wait til January when I had done my training before i put my products in salon, and i had two phone calls in my first week, from people who had accessed my details from the dermalogica website wanting to buy products that they had read about in a magazine.

They will be at the Manchester show in middle October so it might be worth you going there as there might be an offer on and you can try the stuff out.

Hope this helps :lol:

Faye x
I am strongly thinking of Dermalogica too, how are the men catered for? I understand their products can be used for men as well as women, but what is the general feedback from Men...anyone know?
I'm building up a private Male Grooming practice, the majority of clients are men and its a good nice market for me to work with. Having spoken to several Dermalogica therapists they say they are great for men - use the same products, same packaging! Not like some brands, same product, different packaging, different price!
I do offer mens facials with the dermalogica, though male treatments arent very popular in my area, i do sell a lot of the retail products to men, the packaging is very unisex and products arent perfumed. The dermalogica branding and posters etc all include men and women on there pictures, and they are advertised often as top products in mens magazines.
Thanks for all your comments - you have really helped.

I think I would probably go the whole hog and get the package with the tester stand as I think this is definetly something that is needed.

I am going to arrange a meeting with a rep and take it from there, the only thing that concerns me is upsetting the other salons nearby :cry:
Sometimes you have to think about yourself, and if Dermalogica are happy to work with you they are the ones who know who is in the area and they can complain to the Area Sales Manager asking why they allowed you to work with them. You only want what you feel is best for your clients.

Good luck and let us know how you get on!
My boyfriend wouldn't be without dermalogica now and that is saying something cos he just used water before!!!! He makes me get him the professional sizes too! I can not fault dermalogica ~ the training is amazing and the customer service is the best I've ever known. I'm lucky enough that my salon is quite close to the head office in Leatherhead, Surrey so if I order before 12noon, I can go and pick it up after 4 the same day!!!!!! xx

there are so many salons near me - but when I speak to my rep she says there's only two she visits whos he would consider competition, so dont always think because they are there they are selling and doing well.

Becki xxx

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