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Jun 18, 2007
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this is a design that i came up with when having a play with the earthstones collection from ezflow , tell me what you all think !!


  • nails and kids oct 07 085.jpg
    nails and kids oct 07 085.jpg
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WOW I like those.
Well done. :)
lovely job, very original!
dont normally like this sort of thing,
but have to say these are brill and very very well done!!!!!
really like them ... so neat and the colours really work well together xx good job
Fantastic, very indian looking
now these I like:hug:
I think these nails are brilliant. You have inspired me and the use of colours work so well together. Thankyou for sharing.
wow hun ...these are fab,.....well done :hug:
:) thanx , ive got the bug since i done my design day , cant stop myself from trying out all the different colours , and hopefully will come home on sunday with more inspiration after watching sam biddle in action , cant wait!!
youve done a lovely job, very accurate.
Gorgeous! I love the colours and designs - really nice.
Really intricate work. Well done!
I like those .... very oriental looking and perhaps nice for an Asian wedding to complement a pretty sari.
Love the design very aztec :)
Love them :hug:
They're nice. They'ld look nice on toenails as well.
Love em hun...... they are fabaroonie:)

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