First client, made me cry


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Jan 18, 2007
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well guys had my first 'real' client this morning, (not a rellie or friend etc) it was the old lady who'd asked me to just file and tidy up for her, well she was doll, lost sight in one eye due to shingles a year and half ago, and struggles with things like filing nails, doing eyebrows etc, so has mobile hairdresser who comes once a fortnight, but the local shop in the village did her nails, but apparantly the girl upped and left 6 weeks ago and they are not replaciing her, (this is good news for me eh?)

Anyway, her hubby's in hopsital at the mo, so shes on her own too, she was really glad to have some company and was telling me that she keeps catching tights etc with her nails and the air is blue she said lol, so she said my leaflet made her day.

When i was leaving , she said i was lovely young girl (i really liked her lol) and after feeling very sorry for herself lately, she said my visit was a ray of sunshine and brightened her day, well im feeling wingy anyway this week (pms) so when i got back into my car, i admit i cried lol

well got another 2 tomorrow, so wish me luck
Ah thats so lovely well done :hug:
Nice lady.....I hope u get loads as nice as her!! xxxxxxx
gawd! I've just welled up reading this! what a soppy lot we are!:hug:
:lol: You soppy thing! :hug: What a lovely lady. Makes it all worthwhile, doesn't it?
I wish you all your clients will be as nice as this lady!
Old people are so lovely, they remind me of my nanna god bless her
That is soooooo loverly, made me well up.
well this ol bastard has been touched (once again) I had a client like this, she was a true treasure ( i have spoken about her in previous threads), she was wheeled into the salon in a wheelchair by her very loving son ..... she has now gone to that fabulous nail salon in the sky. It's clients like this (often those that feel ignored by many) that make many a long week worthwhile by their brief presence.

I'm the Nail Nazi (no doubt), but a bit of empathy, compassion and an open ear and casual conversation for someone who deserves and who has earned respect through their age cannot make up for 40 "normal" clients a week (even at a reduced rate can bring you back to earth). These kind of clients break the mold for what we have to endure week in and week out.

Treasure the time you spend with her, even if sometimes you feel you are babysitting, as often you are offering respite to those that respect (often making personal sacrifices) wanting to offer care 24/7. Just remember when dealing with these lovely old lovelies/mothers/divas (it's possibly me/or you looking after your mother, or visa versa).
aww hun that is so lovely i bet she will be your fave client you know !! :hug:
ahhh, i think its really nice that other than just doing her nails you also made her day....and that doesn't cost a thing.

I have a client who is elderly and has a breathing machine thing...often when i get there she is in a state over something and starting to have a panic, the first time it happened i was really worried, but now its just .."come on then Mrs ***** lets get your mask on and have some deep breaths"...i have found that stroking her hand helps to calm her too. I don't mind 1 bit....she has looked after people all her life and i think its high time she was looked after. x
Awwww, that's made me cry reading that hun, I also think she'll be a special and dear client to you :hug::hug:
What an utterly fantastic story! Thankyou so much for sharing.
Or bless ah!

I would of cried 2!

These type of clients are so far and few between. They have lived a lifetime and know how to really appreciate others.
give yourself a big hug! You made that Ladys day!
Nicki - that lovely :hug:

Clients like these do make up for the ones that are a total pain in the arse!

thanks guys, do you know ive been on cloud nine all day, everytime i think of her, it makes me smile

oh well roll on tommorrow, myabe these two will be sweeties too eh

nicky xxxx
Awww .... sniff, sniff :hug:

You will always remember that lady as your first client and what a lovely start for you.

I think it very special moments like this that make our profession so rewarding.

I have quite a few older clients that come into the salon, they brighten my day when they come. Several of them are frail but always come in smiling. Puts things into perspective.

Well done, and best wishes for lots more happy clients for you. :hug:

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