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Jun 1, 2007
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I am bogged down with a cold and have had to postpone my client today, but as the lady has two little ones i really did not think it was a good idea. i would hate to pass on my cold, what do you guys do when you are under the weather. Work or play it safe?
I worked through it.

Always made sure I used my Cool Blue hand sanitiser always, both my clients and me, and was rarely off colour. I never had time to be ill while working.

It was always at Christmas and Easter that my body would give way and if I was going to be ill it was then!! Nice holidays eh?
I have an awful cold too but I just make sure I have tissues and a drink close by even cough sweets are great.
As Geeg said make sure you have your hands sanitised and re do them through out the treatment I would only cancel an appointment if I was physical sick :hug:
I've never been in this situation, but I'd be tempted to phone any clients I had booked in and ask if they still wanted the appointment. If I was a client I don't think I'd want someone sniffing and sneezing throughout the treatment.:green:
I too would work through unless I really was very ill. In 7 years I have only once had to phone and cancel an appointment.
I would continue, unless I felt physically unable to ...re-sanitising my hands more often than usual.
the only time i wont work is when i physically cannot get there or im puking, eugh! which is very rare for me. im hardly ever ill, touch wood!:lol:
I have had to rearrange one appointment today. I had a client booked for a facial whom I know suffers badly with asthma, so I rang her and explained that I was not well and she asked if she could rearrange as she could not afford to get a cold due to her condition. I am going adhead with my other appointments though.
I would always try & work through it unless it wasn't physically possible. As would hate to seem unreliable to clients!! But I would have thought quite a few would understand if something did come up you couldn't do anything about it, especially if they are regulars & know its not the norm!!
At the first sign of any sniffle I would start to take echinacea tablets to boost my immune system, and that would usually stave any cold off.
If I did succumb I would work through any cold, working like Geeg described with my Cool Blue ever to hand.
Being self employed if you didnt work you didn't make any money. The rent and the bills still needed paying.
I will work through it and have been known to have tissue stuck up each nostril to stop my dripping nose.

The only time i have to cancel is if i need to stay near the loo!:o
I will work through it and have been known to have tissue stuck up each nostril to stop my dripping nose.

The only time i have to cancel is if i need to stay near the loo!:o

Too much information lol:lol:!!!!!
I work through it lol..... but I wear a face mask when the dreaded lurgy starts..... this way I minimise what I may pass on.....saying that no point running your self into the ground, when a day off may recharge your batteries and helping your body to recover.
Get well soon xxx
I work through it too ... I've got through loads off cool blue with my last cold, wipe my nose, cool blue my hands, BUT the amount of clients who commented on this action was amazing really, they all noticed it and appreciated it xxx and no bugs were passed on !! even though I'd got the cold from one of them in the first place xx

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