Mundo Infection Control Products


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Hello everyone,

I was recently sent some samples from Mundo to try and thought i would share my veiws with you as i am very impressed!!

They sent me a sanitizing hand gel which at work it looks like i drink it as i always use it and also sanitizing hand & foot spay.


Not only are they effective against fungi, viruses, spores and bacteria including MRSA ans E-Coli but they have cleasers in so they don't dry out your hands and.... they smell gorgous!!!

If you get the chance take a look at the products they do and best of all they are very affordable.

Here is the link:



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i use mundo they r soooooo good, there packages r well good


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I use mundo and their hand sanitizer is my favorite item, it does smell divine


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Mundo is brilliant and the customer service is fantastic


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Do you think if I phone them up they will send a couple of samples? Sounds brilliant. x


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i don't see why not hun.

I am gong to retail the small hand santitizers as loads of my clients have asked about it when i have used it on them xxx


kirsty - are you working on them to offer a 'show ' discount????


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many hand sanitisers are merely thickened alcohol + color ... check your MSDS


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many hand sanitisers are merely thickened alcohol + color ... check your MSDS
Very true - but alcohol at 70%+ is a very effective disinfectant.

Any alcohol based hand sanitisers WITHOUT skin conditioners are bad news.

Fortunately, we have it all covered - and with a great fragrance too!


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I use Mundo too and I totally agree that they are good.

There follow up after sales is a very good service too.


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I use Mundo for work and also in the home.
Brilliant stuff, good value for money and great customer service.


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I really love all the mundo products I have tried.

There is a solution for just about everything.

I got those packet things (the hospital ones) where once the tool has been sterilised you store them in the packets (I think they are for autoclave sterilisation) but they good to pop your tweezers or cuticle nippers/pushers in. (perhaps a bit extravagant of me - but it looks good!!)

Hand cleanser is the best I have tried - like it better than creatives (nicer smell - coconut).