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Sep 14, 2005
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It's nowhere near finished yet , but I'm hitting brick walls with the old grey matter lol

So please feel free to have a look and see what you think ,
Im open to suggestions, and advice etc....

I have already had a few girlies on the case, (thankyou my little buddies xxxx)

Gallery etc ...all coming soon,

the layout etc..i havent really played with yet as there arnt many to choose from really ,
but its all mine and im happy

sorry to do a quick post and leave but im sooo tired
thankyou peeps


ps; dont know why it is coming up as home and ot the web addy but it works anyway so who am i to argue hahaha
the addy is in my sig also xxx
I like the colour scheme..its nicely laid out..easy to follow..and you have alot on offer. Loved your easter pic..must have missed it on here? Are you putting
together a gallery section? I know you have loads of nice piccies:green:

I did notice a typo in your working hours...'suitable'.
Great Colors! Nice layout. Very pleasing to the senses. Was happy to see that there was a pic of you making a pig nose and flippin the public off at the same time. :D :wink2:
fab love the colours and everything easy to find can't wait for the gallery :green: well done :hug:
Loved your website. Maybe put some pictures of your treatment area on there then clients know what to except
Its got all the right info on it.. just needs pics now.. let us know when the Gallery is up and running!:green:
Lovely website Emmsy ... looking forward to seeing the gallery.

In the meantime, a couple of typo's I've noticed:

Natural Nail Care, Express Manicure: "maintence" should read "maintenance".

Little Madam Manicure: "deisigned" should read "designed".

Wishing you a full appointment book! :hug:
loks great hun, have to admit i checked the other day but it wasnt up & running , cant wait till your gallery is up , it will be fab !!
just one thing where it says rebalance in the description it says refil it should have 2 LL 's, hth xxx
ooh fab thankyou xxx
I will correct the mistakes thankyou
and Jds where is the pig nose picture ? please tell me I havent put it in my website by accident :eek::green: (off to check lol)
(or do you mean my avator Im confused but I always am hahaha)

Im going to work on the gallery today , I dont have a client untill tonight .
Loved the site Ems!

The 'look' of the site is great and I love the colours and layout.
Everything is easy to find (navigate) and your treatment explanations are clear and easy to understand.

My favourite part was your FAQ's and the way you keep referring back to the 'professional'.

Very nice, well done you.:hug:

p.s Can I pinch some of your FAQ's? :green:
A great start and once your gallery is added, I am sure you will get loads of business. The only negative I thought was that your pricing structure could be a bit clearer.
p.s Can I pinch some of your FAQ's? :green:
course you can lol , there will be more to come too xxx

A great start and once your gallery is added, I am sure you will get loads of business. The only negative I thought was that your pricing structure could be a bit clearer.

thank you hun, if you wouldn't mind, I would appreciate any help you can offer on the pricing structure, I'm wandering round in the dark with this website lol, It's all new to me
ooh yeah i was gonna ask too can i pinch some of your f a q 's too its a fab idea , i never even thought of putting it on mine xxx
spotted a little typo'comming' should read coming.i love all the clear descriptions (you should put that as a glossary for all the newbies on the site!!!) but imo i thought it may be a bit too much for the run of the mill joe public. i kept my pricing and treatments much more streamlined and evened out the cost of a rebalance and/or infill. don't take it as a criticism though as your site is well laid out and very informative.good luck and hope you get all the business you want
lovely ems. Just a few typo's. Also on first page you are putting your commas a space away from your words , like , that , not this, (make sense).
And I cannot wait to see your amazing pics on there too!
This is all fantastic thankyou keep it coming lol
It is looking fabby hun, love the faq page, love it :)
ems its fab hun, looks cool and i love the faq's can i pinch some of them too babe?

well done you, gonna pick your brains about how you set it up later lol

nicky xxxxx
It looks great! I'm really inspired to get going on mine now.

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