Oh My God I'm Engaged!!!!


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Hello everyone,

Well as you all know it was my birthday On Friday so last night we all went out to a casino in Northampton.

It didn't start well...my other half Lee bought me a cute new dress to wear out and when i went to do it up the zip broke and i could fix it :grr:

Me being ssssssssssoooooooo unorganised didn't take a back up outfit so i had to rush to the only clothes shop open at 8pm......TESCO'S!!!

I was all flustered but i found a suitable dress nothing spectacular but it will do but i kept everyone waiting in the hotel bar...so i make it down to them at about 8.30 9ish and had a drink.

So Lee stands up and i think we are going up to the casino so i stand up to, i'm talking away to my friend and Lee comes behind me and as i turned he holds out a white box and slowly opens it!!!!!!!!!!


He didn't even say anything and i was in :cry:

Then he said those 4 little words....and my response of course was YES!!

The ring unfortunatly was the wrong size so we took it back today to get resized as they didn't have the correct size when he bought it.

He is a pic its alittle different but all my friends have had the same ring when they've got engaged.

I am the happiest person EEEVVVAAA!!!!


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aww huge congratulations hun , xxx

angel fingers

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oh. m .g

what a weekend kirsty :eek:

i cant wait for the 25th now so i can see the ring:hug:






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Aww congratulations hun, the ring is lovely x


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I must admitt the pic doesn't do it justice i just found it on the website but the pink saphire isn't that bright i might blind my clients if it was lol.

Thank you all so much xx


How exciting!


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god i really hate you sooo much now!!!!

no seriousely , im soo pleased for you, this is such a lovely story, im well chuffed for you, couldnt happen to a nicer person!!
many congratulations to the pair of you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Huge Congratulations to you both... the ring is stunning... you lucky girl :hug:


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Congratulations - when is the big day then?

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Congratulations to you and Lee! Great news xxx:hug:


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Congratulations! How exciting! The ring is gorgeous! Planning the wedding will be so exciting. Best wishes xx


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Oh Kirsty what a great birthday gift, (hes going to be hard pressed to beat that next year lol)
you sound so happy hun, i am over the moon for you
your ring is just gorgeous


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Congratulations :)
Ahhh how lovely My fella asked me in Wilco's in the plastic flowers aisle :) I know romantic or what lol..

Do you have a date yet?


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Thank you all so much, i am so happy i've had a great year and this has just topped it for me and the year isn't even over yet.

I'm not sure when were going to get married yet it still hasn't sunk in yet, we're having an engagement party after christmas has i we've just got so much going on before christmas that we haven't got ant weekends free lol

In a way i just think lets go abroad and do it but then i will be really sad because my gran and my great nan who's 97 won't be able to make it and i'm an only child so its the only wedding for my dad's side of the family and i would love them all to be there, it would mean the world to them to see me get married and i just don't think i can take that away from them :cry:


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Many Congratulations to you:hug:
The ring is gorgeous.


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Congratulations on your wonderful news:hug:


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Congratulations..love your ring!


Awwww.... I'm so happy for you, and a little jealous!:green:
Your ring is gorgeous - I LOVE IT!
Enjoy your engagement.:hug:


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