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Those who do mobile spray tanning/spray tanning parties, do you supply your own robes for the clients to wear?

Do you think it gives a more professional image?

thanx xxxx:hug:

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I wouldn't! It will soooo eat into your profit! Just give them advice about what to wear :)

It would be very professional, but think about the extra washing for you. And also when you have just put a tan on , ideally you shouldnt dress for 15mins afterwards. And then once they are dry, they could just put their loose clothing back on.


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I dont do parties as such but do spray tan and yes i do provide the robes. You can not rely on the clients to wear appropriate clothing whilst they dry off.


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Thanks for your thoughts on this.



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I supply them for parties of four or more.
Some people put some stupid clothes on after their tan and it just ruins it.
I bought size 20 bath robes, even if they're size 10 it doesn't matter, nice and slack.
I don't have to wait 15 mins after my tan its touch dry straight away.

I supply disposable underwear and kimono, some women in particular can be self conscious before tanning...I have encorporated cost into it too and as the cost of tan lotion etc is reasonable I think it shows you go that extra mile for them.....they know how much you make on a tan so they wont their moneys worth

hi, I do spray tan parties, I only offer free disposable underwear and sticky feet. I ask clients to wear loose fitting clothing. if a client wants to wear a robe they could bring their own. there is so much to carry as it is without having any extra garments to take.

Just thought, how many of you get your clients to dress straight after being sprayed?

I have my clients wait 15mins before putting on their loose clothing. I use Fake Bake, and it is has dried by the time the spray has finished, but I just like it to settle and a little extra drying time, so it doesnt rub off on their clothes.

What do you do?



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I have two robes for tanning parties.
1 for the person getting out of the booth - so they can go off to get changed;
And the other for the person who is waiting to get in.
That way I am never waiting for anyone!!
They are both dark and MASSIVE!!


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Also thought I would add that:
I ask the person who has finished and gone to get changed, to pass the gown onto my next client, so that they can get ready for their turn.

hi, when I do my spray tan parties, i get the first client to dry themselves whilst I carry on tanning by the time I am half way through all you hear is the girls laughing as they are drying each other with the hair dryers and being silly singing into the hair dryer etc. its just a way of getting the girls to dry whilst having a laugh. and if they do not know each other to well/ or are alittle shy it does break the ice. I use St.Tropez and Sienna x 8% and the 10% also siennx products to sell on to the customers.


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my clients get dressed straight away as they are already dry. I dont carry bathrobes though... I just tell people what to wear