Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction....Anyone ever had it


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Sarah Lou

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May 3, 2004
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Hey girls,

Has any of you ever had this (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction)

Im 20wks pregnant and in total agony, pelvis clicked out of place this morning, whilst bending down to get my shoes, never swore so much in my life. Midwifes sending me to physio but a few of my friends who'v had this have said that physio made the condition worse and Im allready in so much pain, so Im a little nervy of the appointment.

Any tips on how to control this or can I not? Never had this before! :cry:
Sorry I have no advice to give xxxx

Just wanted to say A HUGE congratulations xxxxxxxxxxxxx:hug:
Ooooh!! you poor thing, yes had this with my last pregnancy...... thats what comes from having 2x 9lb odd babys!! not nice! hate to say but for me it made the birth even more PAINFULL!!! nothing much you can do. just get lots of rest(if you can!).... I do sypathise xx
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Ouch chick. I'm 21 wks preggars and although I have never had this with my other 2 babs or so far with this one, my manager in work had it and she was in a lot of pain from it. Seemed to last throughout pregnancy and nothing managed to eliminate it fully. If I spk with her I will ask if any tips on anything to ease the pain and let u know. But congrats to u anyway and woohoo your half-way there :) X
OOh, I remember this well!!

Don't worry about the physio, she will probably give you a support belt and give you some advice about how to get in and out of bed, turn over in bed etc, mine also gave me tips about birthing positions, to be honest it all went out of the window during the delivery and I was unable to walk for about 48 hours afterwards so try to pay attention lol!!

You have my sympathy hon, I had it in both of my pregnancies and it really is nasty, look after yourself and you will be fine!

Sam x
I had this with both my boys even though they were 14yrs apart and it was sheer agony both before and after the birth.

You can ask for an elective casearan if the pelvis is to far out of joint. Mine totally broke apart when pregnant with my last and it took at least 2 yrs before i could walk properly and i still to this day cannot walk as far as i used to.

The support belt is well worth wearing, a tens machine can help if the nerves trap in your legs as well and in the evening. Get a pillow between your legs when you sleep and lay on the opposite side to your heart if you have to lay on your side all the time.

If you cointact one of the baby magazines they can tell you lots about it, its very uncomfortable and can be bad if not sorted out. As for physio that didnt help me one bit apart from stopping me siezing up totally but i did find accupuncture really hlepful.

I really symphaize with yoru predicament and hope its minor rather than serious for you
Congratulations Sarah Lou.....I am so happy that you can move on with your life xxx:hug::hug:

Can't offer any advice on the pelvis though!
awww hunny i really do sympathise with you

i have head this with all 4 pregancies, started with my first 14 years ago and dr sid i was exagerating a bad back (which most woman get in pregnancy) it was only after the birth when i couldnt walk and seen a physio that they realised the ligament inbetween my pelvis had stretched that much that my pelvis was basically wobbling around they realised i really had been in agony

after that it was damaged so much that it never healed properly, and every subsequent pregnancy made it worse, ended up on cructhes with my last one, although as for birth i dont know because ive had to have c sections,

the physio will give you belts to wear and advice on not lifting your legs seperatly how to go up n donw stairs get in and out of bed /cars etc, pay attention , it does help honest

as for the clicking noise/pain, this still haunts me to this day, its the most horrendous pain and noise in the world, i remember every night i would wake to go the toilet (at about 24 wks) and lay there crying til i was bursting cos i knew as soon as i moved it would crack into place, hubby used to have to lift me out of bed and hold me til it cracked back into place as such, it was awful.

i have had lots of phsyio since my sterilisation and now after lots of gym and excerise etc it has got better, although it will never be completly normal, i still cant move a heavy weight with my foot, or i feel it pull on the symphis joint, but i'm much better than i was hun,

i do hope they can help you hun as its not a nice thing to go through at all

take care, you know were we are , if you want to chat xxxxx
Congratulations Sarah Lou - I was panicking thinking I had missed your good news thread.

Mainly want to send you loads of congratulations - I have never had the experience of your pelvis problem but it doesnt sound nice - have 2 :hug::hug: from me. x x x
you poor love i had this with my second pregnancy it was awful, all i would say is do try and heed the advce withregards to positioning and getting out of chairs etc, i also found the support belt helpful but i wouldn't bother waiting to get one from a physio, jojomaman bebe do them for under £20 i think and mothercare, oh i think nct do too, good luck with it all, and there is light at the end of tunnel, i had my little girl aishy and the pain went straight away. :hug:xx
jojomaman bebe do them for under £20 i think and mothercare,

Just to say, the Jojomamanbebe belt was the same price as the physio belt in the link I posted above, and I promise you was miles narrower and no where near as supportive. I wasted my money on that one first! But the physio belts can be bought as opposed to waiting for them to be prescribed.
oh congrats hun

hope you are feeling better soon
Congratulations Sarah Lou... wonderful news :)

I totally sympathise with you with SPD, a total nightmare for me when I had my last child. I got it from 12 weeks into my pregnancy and the only way I could get comfortable was to be sitting on a dinning chair, walking and standing was horrendous. I got a tummy support from my physio and he suggested I strap it around my lower legs at night with a cushion between my knees, the strap to stop me from accidentally opening my legs during my sleep!! Always remember to keep your knees together when you get in and out of bed and in and out of cars... or you will 'know about i'!!

Make sure you rest plenty ... love and hugs and all the best with your remainder of your pregnancy.

I was thankful that within 8 weeks after birth my pelvis was returning to normal with little residue effect. I just occasionally get a twinge in the pelvic region if I slip in the shower, even 4 years on, but at least I can splay my knees with gay abandon nowadays lol!!
I have had this in all of my pregncies, unfortunately there isnt much you can do about it, except lots of rest and painkillers. I had a tens machine in my second prg for the pain and that heloped a little. I had so much seperation last time i was in a wheelchair from 23h weeks, and have had to have c sections for 2 pregnacies because my pelvis was so unstable due to this condition. The good news is that even though mine was very severe i completly recovered within 3 months of giving birth, which i know dosnt help you much now! Try and get your consultant to refer you for physio, i got some hydrotherapy sessions that way, which gives you a little relif, if only temporary!

Apologies for spelling mistakes, typing with wrong hand!:lol:
Thanks to all for the congratulations, it was a bit of a shock but getting used to the idea now.

Got physio appt 22nd Jan, just over a week away :irked: Hopefully that will help, until then guess I'll have to grin and bear it :cry:

Thanks again and :hug::hug:
congratulations honey this is wonderful news:hug:

Hope you can grin & bear the pain sounds awful.

Amb xxxxxxxxx
This sounds like what my mother went through when carrying me...!!!
She still casts it up ** years wonder I never had kids :eek:
This sounds like what my mother went through when carrying me...!!!
She still casts it up ** years wonder I never had kids :eek:
That's the Scots yor you, they cast everything up, from even when you were 5 years old! lol :eek:
5 years old is OK...but in the womb?? a bit much surely!! :lol:

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