Where are you now at the end of 2007?


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fiona wallace

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Jan 17, 2003
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I was thinking that a lot of people will have started off 2007 with a particular plan or wish in mind for how the year would work out for them, or perhaps just going along day-to-day happy with the status quo with no thought to any major changes in their lives.

Now that we are near the end of 2007, how did it work out for you?

I myself am in a wonderful new home far from the area I lived in before - I did know that was coming, I am about to embark on a new business venture - I didn't know about that one, my hubby is happy and healthy - at the start of the year we didn't have much hope!

So, all in all, it's been a pretty good one for me but it's taken a lot of ripping apart of my old life (pain and tears too!) to get to here today.

So a question for all of you...

Did 2007 go the way you expected - is your life better or just different to how you had imagined it would be?
2007 has been the worst year ever for me. :rolleyes:

So much bad luck, ill health, and for my OH too.
It can only get better.
Roll on 2008.

To be honest, I just tend to stagger from one year to the next:green:
I think that the good stuff has out weighed the bad for me! But roll on next year have loads and loads of plans and its going too be fab! x
It has been a very very mixed year for me. the business side of things has been good but until we get my our much wished for family there will always seem like there is something missing.

I just hope that we get our wish in 2008! :hug:
Mine has been the best.

New year for me was to be the best new mum I could be oh and grow my nails.


I have an amazing 1 year old
A new Husband
The prospect of baby no 2 and a new home
Oh and I have long nails now due to constant enhancements
2007 has been balanced between good and bad for me.

Good -
  • Qualified as a beauty therapist
  • Passed the CND foundation
  • Opened my lovely little salon
  • Found and joined SalonGeek!!:green:
Bad -
  • My aunt died earlier in the year
  • Mum was diagnosed with cancer but treatment has worked and is on the mend
  • Hubby hasn't had great health this year but nothing life threatening!
  • Fell out with mother in law - although that could be a positive as I don't have to see her now:lol:
I hope 2008 will be see everyones health continuing to improve and that my little business will continue to grow.

Good thread - it's good to review things every now and again to see how we can move forward.:hug:
2007 has been an outstanding year for me i couldn't have asked for anything better, i have bought home 5 throphies, expanded, changed produst companies, made many new geeky friends, got engaged.......so i'd say i have had luck on my side lets just hope it carrys on into 2008 and i can bring home either nail professional or nail salon 2008 but i think thats wishful thinking as i am up against the fanstastic liza smith and she defo deserves it this year :hug:

good luck everyone for 2008 :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:

can i also just say a huge thankyou to all the people that have sent me such fantastic emails about my work i am so greatful as its things like that, that keep me wanting to succeed xxx
2007 has been a great year for me.

I wanted to achieve Creative Grand Master, and I DID! Thanks Amanda for being so fantastic :hug:

Business really picked up and my confidence has grown with every new client.

I have had a gorgeous new baby, even if he is a bit of a pickle :lol:

I made a special Geeky friend who is fab :hug:

Lots of things to achieve in 2008 so fingers crossed for another good year.
my plan for 2007 was to just get through it......
started college in september best thing i have done in years.....
personal life utter pants of pants....
but my 3 boys are doing just great and are wonderful kids,
been the skintest i have ever been in my life pmsl.....
i hope 2008 and is better year for me and all those geeks we seem to have had our fair share of pooh this year........
I have got through my 1st year in business and it has been very successful, far more so than I envisaged.

I spend less because I now know what works and what doesn't.

I have learned how to deal with all sorts of client situations.

I have watched my 2 boys grow even further both in height and maturity, and I am so delighted with what I see.

My hubby started a new job with less money and pressure and he loves it and also the free time it gives him to coach kids football 5 nights a week:eek:.

We still have a happy home even if we are skint.

Found even more fab geeks friends:hug:
well tbh, I'm much like adele, I kind of make it up as I go along and hope and cope for the best!
But this year has been pretty cool.

Work has dropped considerably, I was teaching a lot last year and I'm down to 2 hours aweek.

But, took on a 2nd room 6 weeks ago which I certainly wasn't expecting and although am extremely SKINT with a huge captial S I am happy.

My husband seems to have had a brain bypass and has suddenly gone from tutting about me being out working, now has a newfound respect for it, and seems to be appreciating what I am going through as a self-employed professional business woman, rather than just little ol' Annie playing at being a therapist.

I also had my tarot cards read a couple of months ago, and biz-wise, the stars are bright! My ambition for 2008 is to be able to buy a 2nd hand mini in powder blue (aiming for end of next year as so far can't even afford a tonka car version).
and of course, found geek-world in Sept
Well I'm still alive so that has to be a bonus. Six weeks ago I was in coronary care in hospital with pulmonary embolism and the Dr's are surprised I'm still alive because by all accounts I shouldn't be.

But apart from that, my business really took off this year. It's slowed down the past few weeks with being in hospital and getting back on my feet and xmas is a slower time for massage.

This year I did my waxing, tinting, spray tan and eyelash extension course. So I'm looking forward to getting all that up and running next year.

I've been working with a wonderful bunch of footy boys as a sports trainer\massage therapist since Feb who were very happy to have me back after my hospital stay.

Pretty much finished my massage course - one subject to go on running your massage business - so I'm a little brain dead after all the anatomy subjects.

Looking for to 2008 to get my health sorted because I want my business to be getting stronger next year. I want to go from doing mobile massage to getting clients coming to me and also the waxing etc.

Roll on 2008