Who wants to compete????


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Hello everybody hope you are all well,

i know i haven't been on for ages so thought i would stop by and see whats going on......

Now manchester nail competition is bad on track....YAY..... i just wanted to see how many of you geeks that have never competed before would like to???

maybe not this one but in the future, or this one but they are not sure they are ready???

There are Pro's and Con's to competing, and it is not evryone's cut of tea

BUT I LOVE IT... as do many of us.

i would love to see more new faces at the competitions but get the feeling that alot of people are abit scared??
i would also love to pass on my experiences in the competitions to others, which is where you guys come in....so i am just testing the waters if you like and seeing how many people would like to have a go but need alittle bit of a nug in the right direction...??

come on peoples.......

(and emmsy especially!!!!!)



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I just got a big smile on my face when I saw my name lol....
I was going to start my reply like this

I would totally LOVE to compete,
I havent because ...I am scared lol...
Scared of what ? failure (I know I know, its awful isn't it lol)
Scared of being late, or something going wrong on the day...

There are many reasons,...
Also as I don't have clients at the mo..I feel I don't get enough practice,
I would love a comp class...so I can see exactly what I need to do,

I will definately do it one day...winning isnt important to me...but doing well is ...
I want to come away knowing I went into it giving it the best I possibly could, That will mean a lot to me, to feel I have truly I have given it my all..

This is an excellent thread babe,
Because of course to keep these comps going, they need attendance,

Its like all those that say they miss Top of the pops !
....did you ?
Did you watch it ???
There you go then !!! lol


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Top of the pops......fantastic..

its not about the winning your right hun its about the experience and building confidence...

i am just wanting to know because i would love to do a comp seminar/class but at the minute just seeing how must interest there would for it before i go off and set one up and no-one shows lol


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Toooooo Scarrrryyyyyyy

Maybe next year x

Comp class would be fantastic so we could see whats what ...


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I am going to be brave and have a go at competing this year kirsty,
i don't have any high expectations but at least i can say i have tried and hopefully it should be fun too,
good idea about your class hun but i am too far to join you for your knowledge or i would have been there in a shot :hug:

lotus blossom

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i could never do it, id pass out with nerves, and i know i would do my worst work!
i entered the photographic comp once but that was easy cos i just sent it in!!lol
but i believe by entering that photo comp in all innocence, puts you into a different league /division for your next comp,made me determined that i woudnt do it, as i would have liked to have gone into novice but because of that damn photo

no thankyou!! xxx


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i really want to....but i know my work is not up to competition standard yet. I would like to go to a class..... but even then i dont want to be the worst one there, lol!
I am thinking of may be entering in excel if i have the guts and feel like my nails are good enough......need to put more practice in!!!
good thread kirsty


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This is what I really want to do, have I got what it takes? I'm not sure, I'd like to think with the right guidance I'd get there. It is nerve wracking though :Scared::Scared::Scared:

Never say never :)


My first comp was the nailympics, fantasy nail art and I loved it after I got over the nerves. If I entered say acrylic tip and overlay would I have to go in division 2 as I came 2nd in the fantasy nail art. That is what is stopping me at the moment, plus I am trying to get my fantasy nail art entry ready for next years nailympics.


I want to compete again, but I could only compete in freehand nail art at the moment, not competent in acrylic yet!!

Are there any comps in nail art?


Hi Kirsty, competitions are nerve wrecking and needs courage, dedication full preparation and hard, it would be interesting to find out what the build up was for you before you entered your first competition and what/who inspired you to go for the competition. If I went into any of the competitions I would do so for the experience because it would be my first time ever but I would need a lot time to prepare because my brain is not what it use to be :), very good thread, and the support/training that you a willing to offer is fantastic, I'm sure you have plenty to be getting on with but it is really kind of you to off your precious time and encourage more techs to have a go, well done here's sending you a big hug :hug::hug::hug:

becki x

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I promised Chris (urban geek) i would compete this year,i had fully intended on entering natural nails but life gets in the way,things happen. In a fews years time when i have it in me to put my all into making a sucessfull buisness for myself,i'll be in that arena :D

Ps Emma,you really really should go for it,i personally think it would give you the confidence to go out there and grab some clients !


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As you know Kirsty I competed at ExCel for the first time this year, and I was planning on going to Manchester to see if I could improve but I can't (family committment :irked:). I plan to doing ExCel again next year to see if I can improve my scores.

All I can say to those who haven't competed but want to is do it! If you wait thinking 'oh, I'll do it next year' you'll find that next year you find another excuse not to (baby-making excused though Becki!). I learnt loads from doing it and I've given myself more goals for the next one (and I've kept my score-sheet to compare).

Good thread!
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becki x

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lol thanks Vetty :D

It was the wedding and move last year also,realistically it will be at least two years now,but regardless of being placed,it's something i want to do x


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i'm so glad that i have had a good response this is to evereyone on here after all how do you know your not ready if you haven't given it a go and seen what your up against??? you are always more critical to your own work than others.......

keep them coming even if you don't want to compete this year or next still let me know that you are interested in competing :hug:

Lil Linz

I have decided to get rid of my fear and compete this year, mainly due to loubylou who told me to just go for it :hug:

When gmex was cancelled, I decided to enter photographic, and showcase at Dublin, as I would only need to send my entry off and not be there (also I already had ideas for the theme, and have started making the showcase).

I have just checked the website and I see that they've put times and themes up now for gmex so i've got even more thinking to do lol. I'm just debating now whether to enter tip & overlay L+P or fancy french.

Having never competed before, i'm not sure exactly what is expected, so I think the classes are a good idea, its just a pity i'm a bit too far away.

gemma lambert

what a great thread kirsty, and very interesting replies! just wanted to say guys don't forget there are so many different categories at competitions, eg: salon nails, manicure, pedicure, salon nail art as well as the normal competition style ones so if your not sure you want to start with them have a go at manicure or salon nails at least you'll get an idea of where you are in the industry.
go on give it a go!!!


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I am definately competing this year. Don't expect to place, but really want the experience and as Gemma said, to see where I am.

I think there is a few Scottish techs who want to compete and would benefit from your experience girls.

Get 'The Nail Team' up here!!!!


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Kirsty, keep my name to one side for future reference, I would love to compete, but not this year. I appreciate what you say about us being our own worst critics and all that, but I do know that my work is not up to competition standard and that I need to do some more training this year so that I can aim to compete next year.


Hi Kirsty honey

One of my girls in the salon is going to try her luck poss at Excel:eek::eek: