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Oct 7, 2005
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OK the judging is finished. The winners of the comp are:-
1st Place - Gelly
2nd Place - grafxgal
3rd Place - Pink flush

Congratulations to you and to everyone who entered :hug:
I will PM the winners with details of your prizes and get the certificates done asap.
All the entries should hopefully be featured in Scratch magazine in January.
I shall update the thread with the entries so that everyone can see who's entry is who's.
Thanks very much xxx


  • Gelly no 10.jpg
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  • grafxgal no 7.JPG
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  • pink flush no 20.JPG
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Congratulations, very worthy winners.
Congratulations to the winners!
very well done to the 3 of you xxx

great nails xx
Well done Gelly, Graphxgal and Pink Flush ... excellent work, worthy winners.

Huge congrats to
the winners
& well done all who
took part!
(Steps up to the podium, clearing throat) ummm I'm going to wing this as I haven't prepared anything........I'd like to thank my parents for having me.... :lol::lol: (Sorry guys there's that warped humour again)

Thank you for the congratualtions.:hug:

Well done to Gelly and Pink Flush, and to everyone who entered. Thank you to the judges for their time and experience and Judy for taking the time to organised and run the comp.
Congratulations to the 3 winners, all well deserved :hug: xx
WELL DONE & CONGRATULATIONS to 3 worthy winners!

A fab transformation in particular from Gelly xx

It was a very difficult competition to judge, as the standard was very high. I know in my marking there was very little between the top three, but Congratulations to you I know who you are!!!! lol:lol:

Big thank you to Judy who really did so much work getting this competition organised :hug:​
congrats to all the winners , xx
Congratulations to all the winners xxxxx
NO WAY!!!! :eek:

Excuse me while I pick my self up off the floor! :lol:

Is this a joke?

I am in serious shock!!!!

Wow, thanks very much :green::hug:

Well done everyone.......... I think I need to go lie down now!
Well done girls - well deserved:)
way to go girls, congrats to the 3 winners, and well done everybody else who entered, thanks to judy for all her hard work and to the judges for their input too

great comp, xxxx
Your entry was excellent and the fact that you just started in the industry this year you have done so well, you should be so proud of yourself! Well done! Go girl!
Well done all 3 of you , and thanks to Judy and the judges :hug:
Congratulations to the 3 winners and well done to everybody that took part.

Gelly - I will send you a pm regarding your prize of £25.00 worth of Nail Art products from my store. Get shopping girl!


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