your man,what does he prefer,make make up??


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Jan 15, 2006
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I had a male client in today,he was saying he likes a women who wears make-up,not too heavy though.In fact his ideal was Nigella Lawson,cant say I blame him.

Out of interest what does your guy prefer,make up or natural??
I have always worn make-up,my hubby dosn't mind either way tbh,in fact he says I dont need it,but I actually think I look better:green:I Always think I look unwell when I dont wear it.:lol:
My hubby is a less is more man, he likes me without or with just a little. TBH thats suits me as I don't tend to wear any.
I need a bit of colour otherwise I just look too pale, but sometimes you have days where you just lounge ( weekends ) and then I dont always put makeup on.
Don't know i have never asked him (considerate eh) i hardly wear any at any time,
if i go out at Christmas then i tend to wear more but this is the only time, don't care what he likes it is my face
....he loves me i do 90% of the time...but i wear mascara and a little lip gloss when we go out,or sometimes i wera mascara at work...:)

I wear foundation,but VERY rare, i do,i just put my SPF over my day cream,and im done:green:
He says he doesnt care, I prefer myself with a bit of foundation on as it evens my skin, and a bit of bronzer and mascara to make me look alive, I have an olive skin colour but can sometimes look a bit dead!
Mine doesn't mind at all. I don't wear that much anyway, just a tinted moisturiser and mascara. At the moment I don't have that much colour about me so if I don't put some tinted moisturiser on I look like I have been dug up!!:lol::lol:
I actually wear quite a lot lol, but it doesn't look like it as I spend ages blending and choose my colours carefully, so although I know I look a damn sight better than with no make up, the OH hasn't got me down as wearing a lot of slap. But I spend about 15/20 minutes putting on that no-make-up look :lol:

Edit: I've realised I haven't actually answered the question lol, he likes a little but he's definitely not a fan of cats eyes or lots of lippy
he tells me all the time that he prefers me without. I have never been one for wearing make-up, but now I don't go to work without concealer, loose powder, eye liner and lippy.
Unless I am wearing antlers and a chicken outfit he wouldn't notice a thing. Make up is not something he has ever notices on me however much I wear

Mind you , if I put on something he doesn't like, he says 'Are you really going out like that':eek::eek::eek:
Unless I am wearing antlers and a chicken outfit he wouldn't notice a thing. Make up is not something he has ever notices on me however much I wear

Mind you , if I put on something he doesn't like, he says 'Are you really going out like that':eek::eek::eek:

Surely he must see the bucket load you need every day! :eek:

hehe - only kidding hun - love you really!

Steve doesnt notice either - makeup or not!
"have you just had your haircut?" ask husband whilst eating his tea.


"Do you like it?" I coaxed.

a look of sheer panic fills his face, he looks like a rabbit staring into the headlights and starts swallowing A LOT.

"Um, yeh" comes the reply, suddenly engrossed in his tea.
Graeme tells me he likes me best "Au naturale"....without make-up, but then in all honesty, I get the best compliments from him when I'm wearing very light make-up, well blended, in natural colours. I think he doesn't actually realise I'm wearing it. I never wear foundation or mascara though as he picks up on these instantly and tells me they make me look false.
my fella says he likes me either way, but i dont need it...
I feel like death warmed up without a touch of brozing powder mascara and gloss.. when i am sat taking ages doin the whole smoky eye look he gets a bit miffed! when finished he is happy enough..
I love spending ages doing my makeup occasionally.. doin the whole girly thing.. but 90% of the time i couldnt be arsed!! :green:
My hubby is a bozo LOL Truly clueless.

He tells me daily I'm gorgeous, and calls me hot-stuff and all sorts of silly names..... make-up or not.
He insists that I don't need it.

BUT on the days that my hair is freshly coiffed, and make up all nice and perfect and unmussed.... those are the days he gets a bit more randy.

I figure
He's a "make-up man" LOL:lol:

PS: but then again, one time when I had pink sponge rollers in my hair, with a hairband over it all, looking like Aunt Jemima (the pancake Syrup Mammy lady) with a HUGE head (cause I have uber long hair that takes MEGA rollers....)
he attacked me cause he was suddenly in the mood.... (yeah, he's as weird as I am LOL) while I chased him off telling him not to muss my rollers.... And yes, he wasn't poking fun at me, he was dead serious "in the mood" with intentions..........
So maybe he isn't a "make-up man"?
LOL @ Hippy Chick and Victoria...:lol:

My hubby is falling into the more make-up the better catagory...which doesn't say a lot for me...:eek:

We met in 1984 when make-up was practically neon...I used to wear 4 bright colours on my eyes and put it on with a trowel... his favourites was always purply tones...and anything that was as far from subtle as possible...

Fortunately I have moved on...but he hasn't!!!!

I don't wear foundation or powder or anything like that... bronzer is all and full eye make-up in more subtle tones than I did in 1984...:lol:
I only wear it if I go out. I dont like the way it feels, I'm crap at aplying it and never get a compliment from my hubby when I have took the time to put it on so now I dont bother so much.
robs not bothered either way, its the kids who comment...."ohh mummy you look so beautiful with your make up on"....and "when you put your make up on mummy can you take me to the shops".....charming...:lol: x
With all my allergies to make-up, I only really put the slap on when I'm off on a night out. Otherwise it's just a bit of lippy which I won't be seen without.

My man has no preference whether I'm made up or not, it's what's on the inside that counts .... awwwwww.
I think it is time for me to change my man...:irked:

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