beauty matterz opens 2 morro!!


hey geeks, not been on here for ages but always reading the posts and its because of you lot i have finally managed to start my business tomorrow!!:lol:

im really nervous but im sure im doing the right thing! i hope.

i managed to get funding from princes trust and i bought everything and decorated a room that im renting in a local gym, its only costing me £50 a week inc all bills!! i think i got a bargain & hopefully i'll be okay!:green:

if anyones got any advice that might be able to help me i would be very grateful!

i think that i have thought of everything but now its got to the time im scared i have forgot something!

i'd love to hear from any u experts out there.



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Good luck for tomorrow, hope you get lots of clients xx


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Well done on getting it all sorted, and good luck for tomorrow. I hope it all goes well for you. :hug:


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Good luck hunny, you must be really excited,
wishing you all the luck in the world :hug:

(also hun if you have time, could you give me some info on how the princess trust thing works, i have contacted them, just waiting for them to get back in touch now , im scared of them hahaha )


Wishing you heaps of luck for your first day and for the future. :hug:

I went through the princes trust also but the area i lived in didnt qualify for a grant so i had a low cost loan. The interest was great! Much lower than it would be for a bank. 6 months time and ive paid it all off. x

Susie H

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Don't have any advise to give you, you sound like you've got it all covered, just wanted to wish you heaps of good luck:hug:


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My advice is GO FOR IT think positive, live your dreams and enjoy it! Good luck!!xxx


Good luck
your Grand Opening
your future



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Good luck:hug:


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good luck for today!:lol:


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Good luck & all the best for the future!!! :hug: :)