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Jun 21, 2006
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Hi all! I know i missed lately to come in this wonderfull site but trying to kill my so biiiiiiiiiig free time:cry: i started to creat necklaces from polymer clay, so thought i can share this new beginning for me with u. Here are my necklaces:

Dessi_04/Necklaces - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Enjoy and dont laugh too mach :lol:
Wow Dessi, they're lovely... thank you so much for sharing them :D
Really, really great - my mum would love these!!
Wow.. what artistry ... thanks for sharing :)

your necklaces are really pretty...

you really are so artistic...... :hug:
They are fabulous

Sue x
wow dessi i love numbers 2 5 and 6 how much do you charge for them and p+p xx
Thank you girls alot, may be be this will be my second job. My clients loved them all, they took allmost all, hope to continue good and one day to pass and the school for making metal jewellery.... the time will show....:hug:

Thanks all:hug:
Wow Dessi, they are really original and I see a whole new career for you.
Love the green one! very nice! :)
I think these are lovely, I like them all:lol::lol::lol:

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