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Feb 20, 2007
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I've only been on this forum a little, but I wondered if any of you could help me.
I'm a beauty therapist and at college training for Holistic Massage part time as I'm a carer for my dear Hubby who has cancer. He has had this for almost 2 years now and at first was only given 8 weeks to live. 21 months on he's still fighting this horrid thing and is an inspiration to so many people as well as other patients at the Royal Marsden Hospital where he receives treatment weekly. Yesterday he had his 31st chemo - he is still amazing the doctors and we are believing for a complete cure.

Anyway, one of my three daughters has entered her Dad into the L'Oreal Worth I Dad's competetion for fathers day which ends on 8th July. At the moment he is in 2nd place > and is 100 votes behind the leader. His name is Younus Hanif and you can see the voting board: . All you have to do is register and vote! You can vote only once per day, but if he won, it would mean that he could have something to look forward to. At the moment he has no idea as we don't want to get his hopes up in case he doesn't win.

Please vote for him.
Thank you in anticipation,
All done :hug: x
i've voted too :green:, really hope he wins x
I've voted too. Wishing him lots of luck and fingers crossed he can beat this.
I've voted too, hope he wins both this competitionand his fight against cancer.

Sending lots of hugs :hug: to Younus
Thank you all so much, every vote counts.
Luv Julieh:hug:
Have voted too, I hope he wins :hug::hug::hug:

would be worth you bumping this up daily to get as mant votes as you can too!

Lets hope he keeps fighting for you all! :hug:
my vote for him is in, all the best to you and your family:hug:
All done!! I wish your husband all the best & hope he keeps fighting no matter whats round the corner!!! :) :hug:
i've voted hope he wins
I tried but it wouldn't allow USAers to register.. Some one want to put a vote in for me also? or give me a addy and postal code to put it that is the uk area?
Placed my vote, all the best to you and your family :hug:
i put my vote in good luck xx
I have voted and added it to my favorites so will vote once a day for him until july 7th. Good luck and I think your belief and faith will see him and all of you through these tough days.


Sarah. x
all done - best of luck with everything xxx
All done - good luck with everything xx
All done hun good luck
let us know how you get on xx

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