Help! Trying not to be a drama queen, but I'm so scared


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Mar 10, 2009
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Hi Guys

Been trying to get to my doctors for an appointment for a few months now as my monthlys stopped 18 months ago. After about 6 months I went to the doctors who did a test and said the levels in my body were so high it was highly unlikely I'd ever see another period although being 48 at the time they didnt officially labeled me as menopausal. She asked if I needed any help with any symptoms which I didn't.

Fast forward 6 months and I went to see her again as I was suffering hot sweats, insomnia etc. She gave me a form to fill in and I've been trying to get back to see her since.

Finally got there this afternoon saw a locum doctor, explained all the things before and askd about HRT also mentioning that out of the blue I'd started bleeding monday with very strong period and back pain.

He immediately said I needed referring to hospital as although bleeding may occur 6 month after menopause occasionally even a year but 18 months is abnormal. He started filling out this form on his PC and to my horror in big blue letters on the right hand corner of the form was "CANCER NETWORK" I asked him what he was thinking and he said it could be cysts on my womb or at worst, womb cancer. He said he was faxing the hospital today and they will be touch as a matter of urgency and I would get a call within a few days. They will do a scan, then a Hysteroscopy and if need be a biopsy.

I don't know how I didnt run out of the room screaming, cancer has always been my worst fear, I lost my father to pancreatic cancer was I was 15, my mother had 2/3rd of her lung removed with cancer when I was 19, most of my parents siblings (they had 7 each) have suffered/passed with various forms of cancer:- lymph, breast, stomach, mouth.

I've been sitting here reading with my 8 year old son, he's chatting away and I just want to sob. What would he do without his mum, I always worried about having him when I was older because of this very reason.

Sorry guys, I have 3 sisters (im the youngest) we are very close but I can't phone them because I'm in danger of becomming hysterical as soon as they pick up.

H xx
Oh my lovely so sorry youre feeling like this. Whilst i know you will worry try to keep yourself calm. Its horrible waiting for the hospital appointment but until you see them try not to let your imagination or thoughts run wild. Dont google anything either. The doctor said at worst its cancer, try to remember he said at worst. As said you dont know the diagnosis until the hospital appointment takes place.

Im sorry i dont have many words for you hon but please have a huge hug. Perhaps text your sisters if you want to chat to them and work up to speaking on the phone if you feel to worried about losing it, though im sure your sisters will want to be there for you.

Love to you my lovely please keep us posted. X x x
Bless you. You've had a big shock, and you're naturally in a spin.
Take a bit of time to assimilate what's been said, and then speak to your sisters; they will want to support you.

Remember that many emergency referrals turn out well. Your doctor is being careful and cautious, which is only right.

Hope all goes well with you.
Didnt want to read and run hun.
What a bloody situation your in.
I have 3 young children and cant even try to imagine what must be going through your mind right now,and i know its probably not going to help,but try to keep calm.
While your at work or with your boy you will put a face on,which in one way is helpful as you will not have other things in the fore front of your mind.
Ireally hope you get an appointment for a scan asap and please keep us posted.
Im sending as much good karma as i can your way.
Hi Heather ,

Could not read this and pass . I have no experience of your particular symptoms I am afraid but I can tell you than a few years back I went to the docs because I was feeling unwell .

I apparently had lost a lot of weight and blood test revealed I was anaemic. Long story short was sent to specialist who said it could be bowel cancer . This was on a Friday before a bank holiday and he booked me in for a colonostrophy on the bank holiday Monday .

Well I can tell you I left his room shellshocked , spent the whole bank holiday thinking I may die :cry:. I can tell you i have never been so scared

Bank holiday came and it turned out I did NOT have bowel cancer . Further tests revealed I had a cyst on my ovary which was subsequently removed and all was fine ( this was at age 53 and post menopausal )

My point is that you REALLY need to stop worrying about something that may never happen . I know it is hard but having been through a similar scare I know how you must be feeling . Please , please stop worrying

Just wait until the scan and then you will find out why this has happened . Chances are it will be nothing bad and you will have worried yourself sick for nothing .

Sending you big hugs
Awww this is a very hard time for you and sounds like your being sooo strong for your boy, they need to test to rule it out, it sounded more like menapause symptoms as have this myself, im not a doctor but all i can say is here if you need to talk:hug: you are not on yr own xxxx
I'm really shocked at that Doctor to be honest!!

He hasn't even done any tests, so how can he talk about womb cancer??... your other Doctor said it was unlikely that you had menopause, so him saying your bleeding after 18 Months of having the menopause is abnormal is ridiculous because you may not even have the menopause!!

Look, try not to panic... we're all terrified of the big C and it sounds like this Doctor is a bit of an alarmist if you ask me and he's trying to cover his ass by referring you to the Hospital, which is fine, but he didn't need to frighten you with the very worst case scenario.

Try not to worry, I know that's easier said than done... if I were you, I'd speak to another Doctor in the meantime before you have yourself worried sick and I'd be giving that other Doctor a very wide berth from now on if I were you.

Big hugs to you :hug: :hug:
hi there,

oh please try not to worry. Impossible I know. A couple of years ago my bloodtest shown some level in the liver a little bit high.
My doctor kept sending me for blood test, scan , and he also sent me to a specialist. I was hysterical as well. I was crying crying and crying. Kept looking on the internet for sympthoms of liver cancer etc. Well after all that my blood test went back to normal and the consultant said it was probably fat liver.

You said you are close to your sisters. Call them. It doesn't matter if you cry. you will feel better. that whats family is for.!!

You are not alone. please let us know.

all the best . Everything will be ok. xxxxxxx:hug:
Didn't want to read & run, just wanted to send you a big hug. :hug: Keep us updated.

Easier said than done I know but try not to worry yet. x
Your not being a drama queen. They are doing the best thing to refer you. I'm sorry I don't have much to say but I understand when someone says try not to worry and you really can not help but worry! You should get an appointment fairly quick. Good luck it would be nice to know how you get on. Big big big hug xx
It could be fibroids.They will cause symptoms you are describing.I have them, they are a blooming nuisance.Before i knew what i had i also thought the worst.Im 48.

Its quite good that he has mentioned cancer straight away because of course it is a possibility and at least you wont be going back and forth telling them something is wrong and them not doing enough about it. They are often the women that die, not the ones whos doctors sent them for tests for cancer, so things get sorted quickly.

My doctor is very good,. always very thorough. She knew i was worried about cancer and i had all the blood tests including the one for ovarian cancer and then internal scans which showed the fibroids.

I have been surrounded by people in the last few years with different forms of cancer and the good thing is and what helped me when i was worried, is that they are all still here.All in remission and have been for a good while.So far they have all won.So if it is cancer its not the death sentence it once was most people live.
Hi, I didn't want to read and run either , but try not to get yourself in a state and I know that's easy for me to say and I'm sure you will be fine and you have love and support form SG and I'm sure your sisters would give the same advice as others here and it doesn't matter if you pick the phone up and cry cause you have had a shock (sometimes a good scream and cry does you good). Sending you big big hugs and please keep us updated x
I just wanted to send you a big hug and as the others said, try to focus on the fact that this careless doctor said ,'at worst..' nothing is certain.
I'm sure your sisters would want to be there for you right now, get your wee boy to bed and pick up the phone.
I'll be thinking of you xx
Heather - massive hugs to you my lovely xxxx It is perfectly okay to cry, scream, get angry, confused and whatever other emotions come.

Take some times to allow it to sink in and please, please even if you don't feel you can stay composed enough to share your feelings with your sisters, talk to us. Bottling things up will cause you to run a million things through your mind.

Ahh thank you ladies, now I am blubbing!!

I am just so so scared, I've seen so many members of my family and friends and even children fight this terrible disease and I've always said its my worst fear.

One of my sisters has just telephoned (this is what we do, we all speak and see each other at least once a week). As soon as I started speaking with mentioning a word, she asked what was wrong (we know each other so well) and that was it - hysterical crying, shes on her way here.

Thank you so much for your kind words and I will keep you posted

Much love to you all

H xx
Ahh thank you ladies, now I am blubbing!!

I am just so so scared, I've seen so many members of my family and friends and even children fight this terrible disease and I've always said its my worst fear.

One of my sisters has just telephoned (this is what we do, we all speak and see each other at least once a week). As soon as I started speaking with mentioning a word, she asked what was wrong (we know each other so well) and that was it - hysterical crying, shes on her way here.

Thank you so much for your kind words and I will keep you posted

Much love to you all

H xx

A problem shared is a problem halved ( think that's the saying) will do you good to see your sister and talk. I feel angry with yr doctor as in sure you will be ok hun x x x
I'm so glad your sister is on her way and everything crossed for you hun.

Love and big hugs x
Try not to panic just yet xxxxmy husband went to docs with symptoms of poly my alga he had so many test doctor told us it could be cancer etc last visit they said poly my aga ( I know I have spelt it wrong ) xxx
So glad your sister is on her way hun, get her to give you a big hug from me please xxx will be thinking of you! I'm sure all will be fine. The positive in this, is that your doctor is actually acting upon something for a change (unlike my partners doctors :( but that's another story) xxx
Heather just had to send u love and :hug: ur defo not being a drama queen, I would be hysterical in your situation. But your doc should not have alarmed you like that surely they would do the tests blood or whatever before offering any diagnosis.
I know ths is easy for me to say, stay positive in the meantime I'm glad you have the support here on SG I'm sending good thoughts your way take care:hug::hug:

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