IPA substitute-would Dettol work?


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Mar 26, 2014
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Gold Coast Australia
I know I know, probably got eyerolled by every single person haha but I ran out of IPA yesterday (well actually, spilled it but minor details) and didn't get time to buy more, we don't have any vodka in the house [emoji23] and I left the isocol I bought at my friends who lives a fair whack away - it's also good Friday here so nothing is open lol!!!

So in a pinch would dettol remove the tacky layer off CND shellac? I'm only going to be using it on myself haha
if in a pinch a quick swipe with scrub fresh would do if it's just on yourself, just be quick with it
Hand sanitiser works if you are desperate
I was once told if push came to shove and in desperate measures only clear blue would work so I'm guessing any alcohol day gel??
Acetone free nail polish remover is mainly IPA! Sure I read perfume works somewhere before too xx
I'm sure I've read a baby wipe works xx
I've used hand sanitiser before and that works x
Or medical wipes
Maybe a good idea to make sure you have a spare bottle at all times just in case as accidents/spillages do happen [emoji4] X

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