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Sep 4, 2006
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Norfolk, UK
I was thinking about baby names today due to the fact that my sis-in-law is 3 days over her due date and it got me wondering, or more trying to remember, why I called my kids what I did.

I called my eldest daughter Chloe because at the time I thought it was quite unusual and I wanted a name that couldn't be shortened into a nickname.

We called her sister Alanna (though my hubby wanted it double barrelled to Alanna - Rose) and I'm sure that was in the back of mind from a program that I watched as a kid.

So I was just wondering why you chose the names you did for you children?
Did you always plan to call her/him what you did?
Did you stumble across the name?
Did you go buy the meaning of the name?
As it turns out the year I had Chloe was the year that it became popular and she now gets called clo :rolleyes:
I named my Daughter 'Mackenzie Jade' I was just searching internet sights for baby names and came accross Mackenzie and the name just stuck and I didn't look anyfurther. I always liked the name Jade too so hence the middle name.
Well, stephen was named that because his dad is also a stephen, he was our first child and i always said hubby could name the first and he wanted him named after himself. Have to say though he always gets stevie.

My other son is called mark, i thought i was having a girl all the way through my pregnancy so only ever thought of a girls name "katie-jenna" katie after my mum and jenna after my grandma, anyhoo i had another boy so decided on ross but my brother was 9 at the time and had a friend called mark who he thought was ace, marks dad had past away and he thought it would be nice if i called my baby after him so mark he bacame lol but he also gets marcus!

my step son is called johnathan but never gets called that, he always gets jay, dont know the reason behind the name.
my mother named my eldest daughter
my hubby named my son
hubby named youngest daughter

what did i do?

just gave birth to them -

my options didnt come into it
i called my son zak...because its unusal...and its only now getting daughter paige i called you remember a programme...thinks it was called knots landing or something...there was a girl called paige and i just loved the
I named my daughter Lorelle after her dad's grandmother

i am not to sure what it means but his family love it
My son was always gonna be Bailey or Blake.

Everyone turned their nose up at them,especially Blake so it put us off,lesson learned,when we have another we'll tell them the name when its's born ! :D
My daughter is called Cherise Danielle I came across Sherise in a book and decide to tweak it slightly if and Danielle I have loved since being a kid.
My son is called Callan James was going to be called conor but the name became like mega used at the time and I like different names so plumped for Callan yet everyone still says callum :rolleyes: which annoys him loads and James is another name I just like and always have :)
dont know why we called our son james alexander , he just looked like one when he came out :lol:, dave named olivia, coz he liked the woman out of a tv programme :eek: i wanted ellie but he didint:rolleyes: so now its olivia ellie
James after nine and Stuart's grandfathers and also, bizarrely, my ex who was and is a wonderful friend to us both. Thomas after Stuart's Uncle Tom. It was only when everyone started buying Thomes the Tank Engine clothes I realised what we'd actually done :eek::rolleyes: From then on we vowed any other baby we had would have an unusual name.........

Ethan, everyone always thought at the time it was because of actor Ethan Hawke but actually when I was pregnant I was watching a mini series set in the wild west and a character was called Ethan. That was that. I had been looking for a name that never appeared in the new baby notices and until then it didn't, once we used it there were loads :lol:

Gabriel, well he was going to be Caleb but then when he was born they had to ressucitate him and I ket thinking about Angels, as he finally decided to join us they asked me if I had a name and surprised Stuart and blurted out Gabriel. He's the odd one out with the bluest eyes I ever saw. I love all my boys but he just melts my heart.

Noah, well I have no idea. The morning I was coming home with him I was getting lots of visits from staff as he was over 8 weeks early but he was functioning beautifully, taking his milk and as they have all been early I knew how to cope. Stuart and I had names in mind but once he was with us nothing fitted. I wanted a Norwegian name but it wasn't going down well Stuart with the ones I liked. The monring of the day I left I just looked at him and Noah popped into my head. No clue why or where it came from. Stuart wasn't convinced but he was tired of hearing 'baby Greig' so we agreed that was that.
Well i havent got any kids, but if i do have any i want to call them Ella for a girl and spencer for a boy!

No meaning behind them, just think they are canny cool!

My three are called, Mia Elizabeth, Aisha Mae and Oscar Rory, wanted something a bit out of the norm for their names x:)
Kris - wanted Christoper but something slightly different
Nikolas James- again solid name but slightly different
Jon Craig - 2nd name after a friend who died

Samuel Josiah - 2nd name after his grandad
George Alistair - 2nd name after his grandad

Just wanted good solid first names - where possible with a slight twist :green:
My 3 daughters are ...Ria-May, Amber-Rose and Tayla-Beth

I like Willis for a boy....yeah like thats gonna happen.....:lol:
my 3 boys are
joe(not joseph)....named after myself......and loved the fact that when he is older he will be uncle joe...grandad joe....

Ashley(ash)...named after a lad i was in the navy with...we hated each other but i loved his ash thinks he is named after ash in pokemon...

Paul......named after my uncle paul and my brother paul...bit of a tradition

and if i had had a girl..............darcie..........but like angie says (like thats gonna happen...pmsl)
my little boy is called Kyran (say it as u see it... not kieran) Ky for short, we thought it was unusual and loved it straight away altho it is a tad frustrating when people call him kieran!
if i had a little girl i would love 2 call her Tilah gracie, or Tehya grace, i LOVE those names... maby 1 day... :hug:
i named my daughter Connie, cos many years before she was born i met a lovely girl called Consuela, and she told me her name means to Console, which i thought was so nice.

So when my Baby girl came along i shortened it to Connie. Just so happened that the Midwife, who was retiring very soon, was also called Connie.
Courtney - my daughter now 14 after a name on some old black & white movie. We were going to call her Georgia or Gabrielle, but Courtney fitted her when I saw her! Then a year later Eastenders Grant Mitchell 's wife had a baby & called it Courtney - I was gutted, as I thought it was so unusual.

Alexander - My 12 yr old son. I almost called him Darius. He was Marcus for 2 days in hospital, but hubby (Mark) came in one day & said let's call in Alexander! I agreed, but I worked with a guy called Alexander Lavendar and it reminded me of him, he was a nice bloke tho!

I love the name Gabriel for a boy, but I'd never have anymore !!!
my boy is lewis reason just liked the name at the time.

and my daughter is Yasmine Mae ...reason when i got married in St Lucia there was a family that had a little girl called Yasmin and for the two weeks i heard the name every day and she was really pretty i said if i was to have a girl i would name her Yasmine.

not many family member liked it but who cares i've said if i have more then i will call them

Jetson Jean = boy
Bijou = girl

would love to see what the family would make of those names if yasmine was too much.
Liam.....1997....hmmm Liam Gallagher (good Irish name and both our Dads are called William)

Stan.....2000.... Eminem...not Stanley, my grandad was a Stan too, although his first name was John (Stanley)....always known as great uncle also....good old uncle stan!

Laura.........2001......born early, no time to think plucked a name out of the air!

Fab names trhough :eek:

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